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It all began in 2008. The London Underground was due for an expansion to handle the growing number of users and to account for the city's growth since the construction of the original Underground. Many arguments broke out over the new areas of expansion, based on dozens of factors. Eventually, the final plans were laid down and approved, and a construction crew hired to begin digging. When the day to begin digging came, however, a new plan was delivered to the crews in the early morning, laying down a new tunnel to be added. Months went by without any trouble and then, in the early morning of September 13th, a Friday no less, all hell broke lose.

Workers were digging the additional tunnel on the plans when they broke through into a larger cavern. Hidden beneath the city, sleeping for countless ages, they discovered a Dragon - the Dragon. The crews were incinerated instantly as it sprung to life and attacked, and soon it fled from the tunnels, taking flight to the skies over London. The end of mankind had come.

No one is entirely sure how they multiplied so quickly, or how they even multiplied given that only a single Dragon was awoken beneath London. But, by year's end, a full dozen Dragons had been spotted over the skies of Great Britain.


At first, the attacks on humans were only rumours. The beasts had rampaged across the countryside, scooping up entire farms, but so far no humans had been harmed. On February 3rd, that all changed. A score of Dragons descended upon London, laying waste to the city. Soon, they began to appear over the mainland of Europe, spreading like wildfire as they left burned cities in their wake - the most plentiful species on Earth, humans, served as an excellent meal for them. In a few short weeks they burned Paris to the ground and soon after followed Rome. The world was quickly waking up to the fact that Dragons were, in fact, real.

Late in the year, the United Nations calls an emergency meeting to debate the problem after a NATO task force in northern Pakistan, using their internationally granted permissions to cross borders, uncovers a large nest of Dragons while persuing a band of suspected terrorists. Early attempts at weaponry to combat the Dragons are decided upon.


Prominent scientists soon prove that Dragons are an entirely different species from anything currently on Earth and several theories soon erupt as fossils of the beasts are found in the melting Antarctic ice. The first Dragons are soon spotted in North America. In an attempt to protect his country, the president of the United States orders nuclear weapons fired upon the beasts as they feast on the remains of Los Angeles. Although the attempt at first seems successful, and many other countries try similarly powered weaponry to deal with their own infestations, it soon becomes too obviously clear that such attacks are futile - the Dragons of Los Angeles came back in full force and ravaged the entirety of the west coast. In turn, all the attacks did was lay waste to human populations from the environmental after effects of the weapons, and soon the world governments began to fall apart, squabbling with one another over how to defeat this menace.

By the end of the year, most human settlements have been destroyed. Those who survive leave the remaining cities and flee for the countryside, forming into small protective settlements known in the near future as havens.


Ex-military units begin to band together, using whatever they can find to bring down the Dragons. Although initial attempts are rather unsuccessful and deadly to the hunters, methods are soon found to bring down a Dragon with enough firepower. Independent of one another, bands of hunters begin to pop up across the world. Most have incredibly short life expectancies, though a determined few manage to make names for themselves. Some bands, however, take to pillaging and looting destroyed cities and havens alike, doing what they can to survive. When confronted by a Dragon, they fight or die.

The more successful bands of both hunters and marauders soon find themselves known as Dragon Slayers. Some revel in the reputation this provides, imposing themselves upon havens. Others shrug off such titles and continue with their quests, whether for good or ill.


A scientists in North America discovers that the majority of Dragons are females and posits that the easiest way to rid the world of Dragons is to track down and destroy the males. He enlists several bands of Slayers to begin the rather difficult task of identifying and tracking down the males. Soon after, however, his compound is destroyed in a Dragon attack.


A convoy of American Dragon Slayers, lead by a former soldier named Denton Van Zan, is the first known group to take down a male when they manage to positively identify and defeat one in the Arizona desert.

By default, games in this setting take place this year, around the same time as Van Zan's Slayers take down the first male.


The last of the males is believed to be destroyed in London by Van Zan's Slayers, although the band itself is virtually destroyed. The first of the survivors begin to make contact with one another in late August.

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