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Elf Subrace[edit]

Compared to the other first-party elf subraces, many consider the high elf subrace to be underpowered. This subrace variant is intended to boost the high elf to be more powerful and incentivize players to choose this subrace over the Eladrin (the other first-party Intelligence-boosting elf) while not outclassing it.

Ability Score Increase. Your Intelligence score increases by 1.
Wizardry Initiate. You know 2 cantrips of your choice from the wizard spell list. In addition, you know one 1st-level spell from the wizard spell list. You can cast this spell once, regaining the ability to cast it when you complete a long rest. Intelligence is your spellcasting ability for these spells.
Elf Weapon Training. You have proficiency with the longsword, shortsword, shortbow, and longbow.
Extra Language. You can speak, read, and write one extra language of your choice.

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