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High-Speed Vehicle Collisions[edit]

The 5e rules were not thought up with the existence of modern vehicles in mind, so there's no existing system to resolve what happens in a scenario such as a person being struck by a speeding car at 80 miles per hour besides simply guessing. The goal of this rule is to establish a set of guidelines to address this.

Classes of Vehicles[edit]

Six weight categories of vehicles exist:

  • Light Vehicle: Motorcycles and other very light vehicles.
  • Medium Vehicle: Most cars, small trucks, and minivans.
  • Heavy Vehicle: Jeeps, larger trucks, and full-sized vans.
  • Very Heavy Vehicle: Buses, semi trucks, and APCs.
  • Extremely Heavy Vehicle: Tanks.
  • Massive Vehicle: Train locomotives.


A high-speed collision happens when a vehicle strikes a creature or object (including another vehicle) at a minimum speed of 10 miles per hour, or 100 feet per round. Roll damage once based on the table below; the creature or object takes full damage from the collision, while the vehicle takes damage based on the size category of whatever it collided with. If it's three or more size categories smaller (e.g. a gargantuan vehicle colliding with a medium creature), the vehicle takes 1/10 damage. If it's two size categories smaller, the vehicle takes 1/4 damage. If it's one size category smaller, the vehicle takes 1/2 damage. If it's the same size or larger, the vehicle takes full damage.

(mph/feet per round)
Light Vehicle Medium Vehicle Heavy Vehicle Very Heavy Vehicle Extremely Heavy Vehicle Massive Vehicle
10 mph/100 ft. 1d6 1d8 1d10 1d12 6d12 12d10
20 mph/200 ft. 2d6 2d8 2d10 2d12 7d12 14d10
30 mph/300 ft. 3d6 3d8 3d10 3d12 8d12 16d10
40 mph/400 ft. 4d6 4d8 4d10 4d12 9d12 18d10
50 mph/500 ft. 5d6 5d8 5d10 5d12 10d12 20d10
60 mph/600 ft. 6d6 6d8 6d10 6d12 11d12 22d10
70 mph/700 ft. 7d6 7d8 7d10 7d12 12d12 24d10
80 mph/800 ft. 8d6 8d8 8d10 8d12 13d12 26d10
90 mph/900 ft. 9d6 9d8 9d10 9d12 14d12 28d10
100 mph/1,000 ft. 10d6 10d8 10d10 10d12 15d12 30d10
120 mph/1,200 ft. 11d6 11d8 11d10 11d12 16d12 32d10
140 mph/1,400 ft. 12d6 12d8 12d10 12d12 17d12 34d10
160 mph/1,600 ft. 13d6 13d8 13d10 13d12 18d12 36d10
180 mph/1,800 ft. 14d6 14d8 14d10 14d12 19d12 38d10
200 mph/2,000 ft. 15d6 15d8 15d10 15d12 20d12 40d10
240 mph/2,400 ft. 16d6 16d8 16d10 16d12 21d12 42d10
280 mph/2,800 ft. 17d6 17d8 17d10 17d12 22d12 44d10
320 mph/3,200 ft. 18d6 18d8 18d10 18d12 23d12 46d10
360 mph/3,600 ft. 19d6 19d8 19d10 19d12 24d12 48d10
400 mph/4,000 ft. 20d6 20d8 20d10 20d12 25d12 50d10

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