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In the world of Warriors, Guardian, Sister, and Medicine Cat use herbs to treat most wounds, ailments, and sicknesses. Here is a list of herbs and what they serve.

Alder Bark[edit]

Alder bark from the Alder trees is used in relieving toothaches when chewed.

Blackberry Leaves[edit]

The Blackberry leaves from this sharp-smelling plant are used to treat bee stings when applied as a pulp.

Borage Leaves[edit]

The borage leaves are used in multiple purposes. Borge plant produce an exotic smell, small blue or pink star-shaped petals, and hairy leaves. They are used for

  • It produces more and better milk.
  • It also brings down fevers.
  • Helps sooth bad bellies
  • Helps relieves tight chests


The bright-eye from a light pink with darker pink in the middles flower. When mixed with lovage, it can help to cure coughs


Broom are shrubs with small leaves and small yellow flower. It can be used to help broken legs and wounds.

Burdock Root[edit]

Burdock root tall-stemmed thistle with a sharp smell and dark leaves. They are used for:

  • Soothes and heals rat bites
  • Can give cats a bellyache if they eat too much of it.
  • Numbs rat bite to the point a cat cannot feel the pain.
  • For infected paws and other sores.


Burnet is medium green-colored basal leaves. It is used for used to give strength. Often used for expecting queens (mothers).


Catchweed is from a plant with fuzzy green balls on long stems, It is uses to stops poultices from being rubbed off without hurting the skin


Catmint has gray-green leaves, stem is hairy, and has purple flowers. It is used for:

  • greencough
  • whitecough
  • Can be considered dangerous in extremely high dosages


Celandine are yellow flower with four petals. They are used for Soothes weakened or damaged eyes.


Chamomile are a small, white flower with a large, yellow center. They are use for strengthening the heart and soothes the mind. Also given to traveling cats for strength.


Chervil is a sweet-smelling plant with large, leafy, fern-like leaves and small white flowers. They are used for infected wounds and bellyache. It can also be used during kitting (birthing).


Chickweed is a tall-stemmed plant with fat, almond-shaped leaves. It is used for treating greencough, though catmint is often preferred.


Coltsfoot is a flowering plant with yellow or white flowers resembling dandelions. It is used for easing breathing or kitten-cough, as well as cracked or sore pads.

Comfrey root[edit]

Comfrey root has large leaves, small bell-shaped flowers, which are pink, white, or purple, and fat, brown roots. It is used for multiple purposes:

  • Repairs broken bones
  • Soothes wounds.
  • Treat wrenched claws.
  • Help with reducing itching.
  • Reduce inflammation on stiff joints.
  • Also eases stiffness on wrenched shoulders when lined in a nest.
  • Can be used for burns.

Daisy Leaf[edit]

Daisy Leaf is from thick, dark green, oval shaped leaves plant. It is used to treat pain of aching joints. It is also a traveling herb


Dandelion is a common, yellow-flowered plant with long, hollow stems. It is used for soothing and healing bee stings. Its leaves can also be chewed to act like a painkiller.

Dock Leaf[edit]

Dock leaf is common, large-leafed plant with a tangy smell and taste. It is for treating:

  • Soothes scratches, though can sting when being applied.
  • Soothes sore pads.
  • If placed in nests, it can ease the pain of wounds

Elder Leaves[edit]

Elder leaves are for soothing sprains.


Fennel are used for pain in the hips.


Feverfew are small bush with flowers resembling daisies. They are used for:

  • Reduces body temperature for cats with fever or chills.
  • Heals aches and pains
  • Good for headaches


Goatweed are plant with ovate leaves. They are used for easing grief.


Goldenrod are a tall plant with bright, yellow flowers. They are used for healing wounds.


Hawkweed are small green plant with yellow and orange flowers. They are weaker version catmint.

Heather Nectar[edit]

Heather nectar are bell-shaped flowers. They using makes swallowing easier and sweetens mixtures.


Horsetail is a tall, bristly-stemmed plant, referred to with fleshy stalks. They are used for treats infections and stops bleeding.

Juniper Berries[edit]

Juniper berries are useful fruit.

  • Soothes bellyaches
  • Gives strength
  • Helps troubled breathing.
  • It is also used to help calm cats

Lamb's Ear[edit]

Lamb's ear is a mountain plant that looks like soft, fuzzy green leaves. They use for gives a cat strength


Lavender is a small purple flowering plant. They are cures fever and chills.


Lovage are mixed with bright-eye to help cure coughs.


Lungwort is an herb with dark green leaves speckled with gray. They are used to cure yellowcough.

Mallow Leaves[edit]

Mallow leaves are large fuzzy three-nubbed leaves from a flowering shrub; sweet rose scent. They are used for soothes bellyache.


Marigold are a low-growing flower; yellow to bright orange. They used for:

  • Stops infection.
  • Stops bleeding.
  • Used for inflammation of stiff joints

Oak Leaf[edit]

Oak leaf are for stoping infection from setting in.


Parsley are for stoping a queen from producing milk if her kits die, don't need milk anymore, or are producing too much milk. Also used to cure bellyache.

Poppy Seeds[edit]

Poppy seeds are for:

  • They can help a cat sleep
  • Soothe shock or distrese
  • Ease pain

Not recommended for nursing queens


Ragweed is ragged-leaved plant resembling a fern. They are used for extra strength and energy.

Snag Weed[edit]

Snag Weed is a fuzzy leafed plant. The leaves and seeds of this plant stick to fur. They are used for:

  • burns
  • treating cuts
  • slow bleeding
  • boast immunity system

Sorrel Leaf[edit]

Sorrel leaf is a dock leaf replacement. It is used for traveling herb, and build up appetite.

Stinging Nettle[edit]

Stinging nettle is a green, spiny seeds from a fern. It is used for

  • Induces vomiting
  • Brings down swelling
  • When mixed with comfrey, it can help heal broken bones.
  • Helps with wounds.
  • Chewing the stems helps fight against infection.


Sweet-sedge is a thick green stem with long buds at the top. It is used to ease infection.


The tansy plant has round, yellow flowers, and has a very sweet and strong scent. It is used for:

  • Cures coughs.
  • Can be used to cure wounds and poisons.
  • Stops cats from getting greencough.
  • Soothes throats.

Can be extremely dangerous to pregnant cats

Tormentil Root[edit]

Tormentil is yellow flower plant that has a strong, aromatic scent to it and a sharp taste. It is used for treating all wounds and extracting poison.


Thyme is a small, delicate, thick, sticky leaves with a fresh tang. It is used for calming nervousness, anxiety, and cats who are in shock.


Watermint is a light green plant with oval-shaped leaves and purple flowers at the end of its spiky stems. It is for easeing the suffering that originates from a bellyache.


Garlic is for drawing out poison in rat bites and prevents infection.

Willow Bark[edit]

Willow bark is for easing pain.

Willow leaves[edit]

Willow leaves are for stoping vomiting.


Wintergreen are red berries that grow on bush. They are used for treating wounds and some poisons

Wood Sorrel[edit]

Wood sorrel is a medium-sized weed with green, heart-shaped leaves, and five-petaled yellow or white flowers. The flowers can also be pink or violet depending on the species. It is used for drying up wounds.


Yarrow is a flowering plant with green, jagged leaves, a tangy scent and a bitter taste. It is used for:

  • Extracts poison from wounds.
  • Will make a cat vomit up toxins.
  • The ointment will soften and help heal cracked pads.


Not all useful plants or items that are used for healing.


Bindweed is the stem of a small flowering plant. The flowers are described as blue petals with white throat and yellow center. They are used as ropes, most commonly used for a makeshift splint.


Cobwebs is used for soaking up and stop, or slow, the bleeding. It may also be used to bind broken bones


Honey is one of the best items in the game. They used for:

  • Soothes infections
  • Is a great remedy for smoke-damaged or sore throats
  • Helps cats swallow other concoctions
  • Helps soothe coughing
  • Gives energy
  • Key ingredients for Medicine Cat to create healing potions

Mouse Bile[edit]

Mouse bile is a foul smelling, yellowish-green liquid for kills ticks.


There are plants for healing and there are plants for poisons. These are a collection of plants that poisons cats.


Deathberries are red berries from the dark-leaved, poisonous yew bush. It can kills a cat within minutes when consumed. [284] However, if the flesh of the berry is used (with the seed carefully removed), it can cure an infection within an animal without killing them.

Foxglove Seeds[edit]

Foxglove seeds is tiny, black seeds from the bell-shaped flower of the foxglove plant. It can easily and quickly cause paralysis, heart failure, and lead to coma and death

Holly Berries[edit]

Holly berries is a evergreen flowering plant with dark green, spiny leaves that produces red berries with no medicinal value. It causes vomiting, belly pain, and loss of appetite are all common effects, but is only deadly in large quantity or if a cat is very young or very old.

Meadow Saffron[edit]

Meadow saffron is a poisonous plant with purple flowers. It causes lethargy, vomiting, and difficulty breathing.

Deadly Nightshade[edit]

Deadly nightshade is a small shrub with faintly scented, bell-shaped flowers that are purple tinged with green in color. The poisonous berries are shiny and black when ripe.

Water Hemlock[edit]

Water hemlock is a green or white flowers with petals in umbrella-shaped clusters. When eaten, it causes writhing, pain, and foaming at the mouth

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