Heavy Thrown Improvised Weapons (3.5e Variant Rule)

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Heavy Thrown Improvised Weapons[edit]


Per Complete Warrior (pg 159), a medium creature can two handed throw a maximum of 50 lbs at a 10 ft increment. The weight is multiplied by 2 for every size category over medium, and the range increment increases to 15 ft (large), 30 ft (huge), 60 ft (gargantuan), 120 ft (colossal). All throws made in this fashion suffer a -4 penalty for improvised weapon use. Strength score is used instead of Dexterity on attack rolls.

Variant Rule:

Maximum weight that can effectively be thrown is equal to 50 + (10 x your Strength modifier). Size multipliers and range remain unchanged. For example: if you were a medium sized creature with a Strength score of 20 (+5 modifier), the maximum two handed weight you could throw would be: [50 + (10 x 5) ] = 100 lbs. If you were a Huge creature with a Strength score of 40, the maximum two handed weight you could throw would be: [50 + (10 x 15) ] = 200. 200 x 2 x 2 = 800 lbs. Attack rolls still suffer the -4 penalty. Maximum range is 5 range increments.

Special: Excessively Heavy

You can throw a heavier than normal item as though one size category larger than yourself, for weight purposes. When throwing items of this weight, all attack penalties are doubled. The maximum range increment is reduced to 3, and for purposes of range, you are treated as though one size category smaller (a huge creature's range increment would shrink from 30 ft to 15 ft, as though he was only a large creature when using this ability).

For example, using the 40 Strength large creature mentioned above, this creature could choose to throw a heavy improvised weapon as though he was gargantuan. This woild increase his maximum weight to 1600 lbs. However, he would suffer a -8 penalty on the attack roll, with a range increment of 15 ft (maximum 3 range increments). If thrown past the base 15 ft range increment, he suffers an additional -4 penalty (instead of the normal 2 for longer ranges) per additional range increment thrown.

Special: Trajectories

The above stated maximum range increments (5 increments for heavy, 3 range increments for excessively heavy) apply to lateral/distance trajectories.

Verticle (up) Trajectories: Heavy items have a maximum range increment of 3, and excessively heavy have a maximum range increment of 2.

Verticle (down) Trajectories: Double the range increments for both Heavy and Excessively Heavy items (10 for heavy, 6 for Excessively).

Ranged Feats:

Far shot: This feat does not work normally when throwing heavy improvised weapons. Rather than increase the range increment, the penalty for bonus range increments is reduced by 1 (a medium creature throwing a heavy item 20 ft away would incur an additional -1 penalty for range versus the regular -2).

Point Blank Shot: This feat only applies the 1 additional damage if with 30 ft or within one range increment (whichever is less).

Power Throw: Works normal. Any Dexterity based feats do not apply to these types of throws.

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