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Weapon (scimitar), (requires attunement)
A beautiful curved sword glints in the dim light. It appears to made of a gem, and yet it looks sturdy enough to swing. A gem lies at the end the hilt, one that appears to be the eye of a cat. You feel like are being watched from it... and you are.

The First Arch-Mage of the Arcadian Mage Guild journeyed through hell into the Abyss and captured the demon lord of war and bloody battles Klin Oolag in the blade. The demon lord is very shamed and angered by this and will wish to destroy the world. He will ask the party to free him, by tossing the blade into Forge Mountain. The blade itself is made out of ruby, and yet it is stronger and sharper than steel.

The blade deals an additional 2d6 slashing damage.

Blood Drain. Will drink the blood of humanoids dealng an additional 3d4 necrotic damage to the creature (some races the demon lord will not want to drink their blood though).

Blood Telepathy. Any creature the sword drew blood from that is within 100 feet of the blade can be communicated to by the blade. Oorlag can do this at anytime, to anyone, and the creature doesn't have to be willing for this to happen (If the party refuses to free him, the demon lord might try to use this power to get the party killed).

War Pact. If the wielder is in a especially deadly situation, Klin Oorlog, the demon lord, may take advantage of their plight, and offer a pact. If they accept, Klin Oorlog channels the combined powers of himself, and the blood consumed by the blade through the wielder. Doing so binds the life force of the wielder to Klin. The wielder instantly gains a number of temporary hit points equal to half their maximum hit points. For 10 minutes, the wielder gains one extra attack, heals 2d8 at the end of each of their turns, gains advantage on Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution saving throws, and gains a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls using this weapon. During this time, the blade will instead deal 4d6 slashing damage and 8d4 necrotic damage to all creatures with blood, not just humanoids. After 5 minutes has passed, this feature will never be used again. Additionally, this bargain will never be offered them again, even if another wielder would attune with heart of the abyss again. In order to ensure that this bargain is carried out, the wielder cannot willingly unattune from, or get rid of this weapon. If the wielder is separated from heart of the abyss through any means, other than by tossing is into Forge Mountain and destroying it, the wielder takes 10d10 necrotic damage every round until they are permanently dead.

Campaign Notes
Forge Mountain

As you know, the demon wants to be freed at Forge Mountain. As you may also know the powerful Greater Dark Beast of Fire lives on Forge Mountain. As you may also know the releasing of a demon lord will add another world ending creature to your campaign. Not fun for a DM to write a whole other quest line to stop Klin Oorlog. Which is why I am not doing that. You want to? Go ahead. But here is my solution. If the players have the Heart of the Abyss when they go to fight the Greater Dark Beast of Fire buff the boss so that way the party can´t beat the boss on their own. The demon will want the party to release it so it can proceed to kill the beast. When released, Klin Oorlogs true form will be shown and everyone in the party must make a Wisdom save of 24 or gain the frightened effect. Klin Oorlog will be a giant 2500 foot tall creature, with a large grotesque boar like face, with a very muscled red and hairy humanoid body, with 8 arms wielding weapons of bone, 2 arms with axes, 2 with swords, 2 with hammers, 1 with a giant shield made of human skulls, and 1 with a spear, 2 legs, with pig like feet, and scaly red tail with a large hooked spike coming out of it. (Boars are considered dangerous warriors so they had some inspiration in this design of a war demon). The beast and the Demon Lord will fight it out. A giant fight, causing major destruction to the land (recommended players get the hell(would be a pun if it was an Arch devil fighting) out of there). Oorlag will die, but so will the Great Dark Beast and the players get to go on with the story. If the players didn't get the weapon before killing the Dark Beast of Fire, then don't add this weapon in.

Sentience. Klin Oorlog is a chaotic evil Demon Lord trapped in the weapon. If a party member wants to make a Pact of the Blade with it, it is possible and the tenets would be "Slaughter your enemies in a brutal way, Start rivalries, Stop peace" but I wouldn't recommend it. He has access to 3 out of 5 of his senses, sight, hearing, and taste.

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