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Wondrous Item, artifact (requires attunement)

This strange and giant stone has tones of red and black running through it. Purplish-magenta energies tinged with darkness spread like ash around this large stone. It rests in the center of the city of R'Leth, guarded by the swarmmother. It is said to be the shriveled heart of the ancient vestige Primus, whose body is the foundation of the world. Due to the betrayal by the gods borne of his dreams, his heart shriveled up and became a bloodless stone, overflowing with hatred. The dark essences which seep forth call upon monsters from the darkness, forming them forcibly of the Veil if needed.

This heart is a crucial element to dispelling the powers of the Uncreated who threaten to swarm Grisaire. However, the stone itself is unable to be destroyed. There are few solutions theorized to its use. One of them consists of catapulting it to space so that the Uncreated can no longer draw power from it. These theories remain untested since none have ever been able to procure this from the depths of R'Leth.

Corruptive Influence. Creatures which are not aberration type that enter within 120 feet of the heart's vicinity become subject to its immense hatred and mind-bending power. While within 120 feet of the heart, non-aberrations have disadvantage on all saving throws against mind-altering effects.

Hatred Manifest. Non-aberrations that enter within 60 feet of the heart must attempt a DC25 Charisma saving throw. On a failed save, they go mad and immediately begin attacking the creature nearest to them. If there are none, they will attack themselves. This madness lasts for 1 minute, after which they can re-attempt the save.
Sentience. The stone is partially sentient, but it communicates in an alien, telepathic manner. Its language is initially garbled gibberish, but those who hear it can communicate as if they understand it. The stone is not particularly complex with its words, but it operates with a strange, detached logic, formed by twisted hatred. Some say it is the final remaining voice of Primus.
Personality. The heart speaks ill of the entirety of the Thrones. It desires their downfall. The stone has a throaty, hateful voice, dripping with spite. It is not beneath lying and tricking others to doing its bidding. The stone has a powerful intelligence and knows a lot of affairs outside R'Leth as well, and it uses all these weapons at its disposal to keep itself alive and ensure its revenge.

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