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Hand Flamer

Martial Ranged Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Hand Flamer 60 gp 1d6 fire 3 lb. ammunition (range 10/15), light, special

Some adventurers of the clergical or beast-hunting persuasion love burning their foes with fire, but for some reason or other need to travel light. This notion led to the development of the hand flamer; While not exactly an efficient ranged option, it was still immensely popular among its target demographic for a variety of reasons, such as "for the aesthetic."

Flamers as a weapon class consume oil for ammunition; The hand flamer consumes 1 pint of oil every time you attack with it. Its internal storage tank can hold up to 6 pints of oil.

Flame Weapon. When you attack with the hand flamer, make a weapon attack against all creatures within a cone originating from yourself within range, dealing the weapon's damage to every creature it hits.

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