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Lesser Deity
Symbol: a lion's head.
Home Plane: The Silver Ocean, Fortress Celestia
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: animals, mostrous or exotic creatures, refugees.
Clergy Alignments: any non - evil
Domains: Animal, Good, Liberation, Plant, Protection, Scalykind
Favored Weapon: any.
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Halmo, Friend of Beasts[edit]

Halmo, Friend of Beasts, is a lesser deity in the Fortress Celestia setting, and worshipped primarily by mostrous animals and other exotic creatures. A popular god amung creatures who find themselves with few choices and defectors from the servants of Fortress Celestia's enemies.


Do not allow your form to limit you. All creatures can serve the cause. Treat other creatures as you would choose to be treated in their form and place.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Temples of Halmo are rare, his followers worship him in their everyday lives and in temporary gathering places. His clergy wear simple white robes or nothing at all.


Halmo was created for the Fortress Celestia setting, as the "big guy" of the pantheon, but DM's are welcome to "borrow" this deity or any elements of this description for their own purposes.

Roleplaying Notes[edit]

Halmo, like many planar lords, takes on many forms, often a giant animal or an ordinary - looking humanoid. In fact it's not known what his "primary form" is.

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