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Prerequisites: Proficiency with any sword.
From training with swords, you have learned new ways to wield your blade that make you more deadly against armoured foes.

This feat grants you the following benefits:

  • Your strength or dexterity increases by 1.
  • You can wield a sword with two hands to make half-sword attacks. You may wield your sword with two hands like this even if it is usually a one-handed weapon. You must have proficiency with the type of sword to use it making this attack. When making a half-sword attack, you hold the blade with your free hand. This allows you to more easily guide the blade through gaps in a foe's armour. This attack functions identically to your regular sword attack, except you gain a +1 bonus to your attack roll against an armoured creature, and it deals piercing damage. You must make this attack using your dex modifier.
  • You gain proficiency in improvised attacks using swords, such as throwing a sword or attacking with the pommel and cross-guard.

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