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Alignment. Lawful Neutral
Domains. Grave, Temptest
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Hükatak, also known as The Trench Mother, was a goddess of death and the sea. She mostly presided over the ocean depths and ferried the souls of drowning victims to the afterlife. She strongly believed in a natural cycle of death and rebirth, much like the water cycle itself.

She resided in the Abyssal Depths, a series of ocean trenches in her plane of Blackwater.

Worshippers of Hükatak were few and far between, with most congregating near coastal cities or sea elf conclaves. Hükatak's clergy gave blessings to those taking voyage across the sea and made local shrines near port cities to curry favor. Many of Hükatak's followers turn to a life at sea as deckhands and fishermen, or presiding over local lighthouses and harbor personnel. Others seek to bring balance between life and death, often times acting as village healers or zealous warriors against the undead.

Worshippers of Hükatak tended to be lawful good, lawful neutral, or neutral good.

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