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Bionoid figure.jpg

The Guyver, a symbiotic entity that permanently bonds with a human host turning them into a powerful, almost unstoppable force of nature. The Guyver resides with in the host’s body, exiting and creating the Guyver armor only when called for by the host through 2 tumor like growths on the back of the neck.

Hosts find that in their human or normal state they are still normal humans only they no longer age in the same way they once did. In their armored "bio-boosted" form they host finds themselves to be several times stronger and faster than they originally were. The Guyver unit as its called looks like when it is in its inactive state. Its when it is in this state that its unbonded with a human host. Upon contact with a suitable host the control metal (the sphere in the center of it) begins to glow and the metal like parts that hold the stringy organics in a wheel like shape that opens up and literally leaps out at it’s soon to be host.

The Guyver totally envelops its host, regardless of size. However the host must still be human, for some reason it will not bond with other races like elves and dwarfs. The stringy stuff that was inside the inactive unit liquefies resembling a jell of sorts when this happens and it slowly, but quickly begins to take shape forming the Guyver armor, integrating into the hosts body, shifting and altering their physical make up for the armored form.

Creating a Guyver[edit]

In the Guyver form the character is easily several times stronger and faster than they once where, enhancing upon the hosts own physical abilities. Not only are the hosts physical strength, speed and stamina increased but they gain a variety of incredible supernatural powers and abilities that very few if not no other creature alive has beyond that of another Guyver.

The host in their Bio-Boosted armor form gains several unique special abilities plus several powerful natural weapons that are built into the armor. These weapons range from extending and retracting sonic swords to the Guyver’s main weapon, the Mega Smasher.

After bonding, the host will feel a "presence" in the back of his or her consciousness, and can eventually learn to willfully call it forth or keep it subdued. Until then, any threat to the host will cause the guyver to emerge, changing the hosts' body in the twinkling of an eye (a free action). Because of the instantaneous nature of the change, anything worn is destroyed. Magical items survive the change if they succeed at a Fortitude save (DC 18). Hosts of a Bionoid can take Control Shape (Wis) (see Monster Manual page 218) as a class skill, and can thereby learn to control the transformation.

The skill is adapted as follows: Ability Score Alterations: In the Guyver form the character gets a +3 to all of their Physical stats: Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution.

HP Bonus: In the Guyver form the character can take greater amounts of damage than any normal person can. For every level the character is they gain a +6 to their HP while in their Guyver form. For Example if in their normal human form they have 26 Hit Points, and are at level 2 as a fighter, in their bio-boosted form their HP is +12 for a total of 38.

Natural Armor: In the bio-boosted form the character is physically transformed, being covered in a tough organic armor similar to dragon scales. A nice thing about the armor is that it provides incredible protection while at the same time it does not hinder the wearer in anyway. Initially the character receives a +3 to their AC, and they gain an additional +1 to the total every 3 levels of advancement. A better way to describe when they get this increase is when ever the character gets to select a new Feat, as normal not bonus selections, they get an increase in their Guyver armors AC, (lvls: 3, 6, 9 12, 15, and 18.) The character gets to add their full Dex Modifier while in the bio-boosted form.

Guyver Senses: The Guyver and its host have increased senses. The host, when in their normal human form or Guyver form has the ability to communicate telepathically with any other Guyver that is with in a 4 mile area, but they must know that they are there. In their Guyver form the range is increased to 6 miles. Also only while in their Guyver form do they gain their clairvoyant like ability. The Guyver is able to any and all super natural forces with in an 80ft area, as well as any normal beings and creatures. However their identity and exact race can not be detected, only their presence.

Although they can detect how many there are, they can not detect exact positions, and what they are until they are with in 30ft of the Guyver. Even the invisible are detected. This ability is via the 2 orbs on the Guyvers head, this ability increases the difficulty to sneak up on the Guyver by 10 points! Also the Guyver is never subject to being caught flat footed, and can not be the subject of a surprise attack. This is while only in the Guyver form though.

Biological Changes: The characters physical make up is completely different when in the Guyver form. The character no longer breaths in the same way as other people. In the Guyver form the character can breathe in any environment short of a complete vacuum. This includes gases, magic or other wise, water, and smoke. The character also no longer has a mouth, yet they are still able to speak, and they no longer have ears either, but they can hear just fine. Also the host no longer ages the way they use to. The person can now live to be about 1d6x100 years old. Also while in the Guyver form the character Fort, and Reflex Saves are at a +1.

Regeneration The Guyver can regenerate their entire biological structure from the control metal. The Guyver regenerates itself at a rate of 2 hp per level per minute! The host is also healed of any damage that they may have sustained prier to them transforming into the Guyver. The rate of healing is the same but the amount healed is doubled. The control metal has the ability of completely regenerating the host body in Guyver form after about 1d6 hour from it being removed from the original body. Some how the hosts mind remains intact.

Limbs and chunks of the anatomy regenerate at a rate of an inch a minute. The only real way to kill a Guyver is to destroy the control metal which is almost impossible. Disintegration spells, and powers, or other spells that destroy the atomic make up of things can harm or destroy the control metal. The control metal by itself is incredibly dense. It has a Hardness of 20, is only about an inch thick, has over 300 Hit points (1d4 x100), and its DC to break or smash is 40.

However the AC to hit is the hosts AC +4 since its a very small target to hit and requires a called shot. Even those with the Precise Shot feat will suffer only a -2 to hit since the target is very small. So if the hosts AC total to hit the Control Metal is 25 including the +4, then an individual who has the Precise Shot feat must get over a 23 in order to hit rather than a 21 since it’s a very small target.

Appearance Each Guyver has their own unique look. No two Guyvers ever look exactly a like. All Guyvers, even female ones look powerful and strong yet agile. Guyvers will vary not only in color, and height and mass, but in over all features.

Its believed that the Guyver armor’s appearance generally resembles the hosts personality. If the host is more action prone and violent their armor would have a spiked appearance, and a rather mean or harsh look to it.

Weapons All Guyvers are equipped with a variety of natural weapons that are inside their bodies. These weapons tend to run off of the hosts own life energies, draining away their Constitution at varying amount depending on what’s used. Some weapons don't even impact the Guvyer like this but instead can only be used a limited number of times a day. The character can discover 1 new power every other level the last one was acquired

The character starts with the Sonic Swords, Dimensional Bomb, and 1 more random power available. Role a 1d8: 1-2: Mega-Smasher, 3-4: Sonic Emitter, 5-6: Infra-laser, 7-8: Gravity Grobe. At every other level the character must make an INT check in order to discover the new power. If they fail they get to try again the next time they level up, and again after that if they fail again, until they get a power, then they can make the check again after they level up again.

Sonic Swords: These are small spikes on the forearms that extend out for combat and vibrate at such a speed that it allows them to cut through almost anything. The character can have up to 2 blades per arm, and as few as 1 blade per arm. Role 2d6 to determine the number of blades per arm: 1-6= 1 blade, 7-12= 2 blades. • 1 Blade: Damage-1d8; Critical-17-20x2; Slashing. • 2 Blades: Damage-1d10; Critical-17-20x2; Slashing. This weapon can be used an unlimited number of times, at no cost.

Mega-Smasher: The main weapon of the Guyver. This huge beam weapon disintegrates anything in its path. There are no saving throws for this weapon if your hit, however you may make a Reflex save just as the cannon is being fired in order to attempt to dodge the attack, however the DC is 15 to do so. If they make it then they take no damage, if they fail then they are out of luck.

This weapon ranks up there with a dragon's breath weapon in power. The weapon is divided into 2 cannons, one on each side of the chest. You can fire both or one at a time. Damage suffered from this attack, should one survive it, does not regenerate at a normal rate, instead it regenerates at a normal rate humans heal at, however other Guyvers, and beings immune to disintegration spells/powers heal at a normal rate. • Rate Of Fire: Both can be fired at the same time, or one after the other, but if both are fired the user can not fire them again until they have rested for 1 hour after firing either 1 or both cannons. The attack is considered a full melee action, to fire one or both cannons. • Damage: Each cannon does 5d10x5 damage! Both cannons will do 10d10x5 damage! • Range: 10 miles. The width of a single blast is 7.5ft, both cannons have a width of 15ft. • CON Cost: Firing the both cannons temporarily drains away 4 points of the characters CON, or 2 points per cannon. The amount is regained at a rate of 1 point per hour of rest. The character can not fire the Mega-Smasher again should their CON fall to 4, and only after they have rested for an hour.

Sonic Emitters: The 2 orbs at where the mouth should be emit a high pitched sonic signal that is devastating to those with in range for the attack. The attack has no noise, but attacks the person by their atoms at a high rate often causing the targets head to explode. • Rate of Fire: The attack can only be used once every 2 rounds due to its energy costs. The attack is considered a full action. • Damage: The attack does 1d8 points of damage every 2 levels. Does a maximum amount of 5d8 damage. A Fortitude save may be made to save for half damage, DC 15. Alternatively the user can use this to stun an opponent rather than do damage. The DC is 15, should the save be made the target is not effected, if they fail then reduce their speed, STR, DEX, by 1d4+1 points for 1d6 minutes. If used a second time to stun the same target (only if they were successful the first time) they target instead of making a Fortitude save must make a Will save. Should they fail the are unconscious for 2d6 minutes, if they make the save reduce their stats again by an additional 1d4+1 points, for an additional 1d6 minutes. IF used a third time against the same target in this manner then there is no save and they fall unconscious for 1 hour. • Range: The attack unfortunately has a very limited range effecting only a single target that is directly in front of the user, and is only 6-7ft away. • CON Cost: In order to use this attack the user temporarily looses 1 point of CON per use. CON points lost with this ability are regained much faster than those spent on the Mega-Smasher. After 1 minute of not using this weapon the user regains 1 point of CON that was spent in using this weapon. Note though that other Guyvers and some other creatures are immune to this particular power, and thus are not effected at all by any aspect of this power.

Gravity Grob: This is a small baseball sized orb located at the waist. This orb allows the host to control gravitational forces to some extent. This gives the person flight capabilities at a speed of about 35. It can also be used to create a "pressure cannon", or more accurately a gravity bomb. What happens is when it hits it creates a loud pop and damages what ever it hit by ways of a perfect circular shaped hole. The bomb is launched in anyway the user likes, but it is always done from the hands. Usually done in a “Hadoken” like fashion. • Rate of Fire: The pressure cannon can only be fired up to 6 times a day, and only up to 3 shots may be fired in a row with in 1 round. Up to 3 shots can thusly be fired rapidly in a single melee, but no more may be fired untill the next round. This attack is considered a full action. • Damage: 1d10x2 +1d10 every 2 levels. Max damage is 4d10x2. • Range: Thrown. (About 30+ feet.) • CON Cost: To fly it costs nothing however in order to fire the pressure cannon it costs 1 point of Con per shot. Con points are regained at a rate of 1 point per hour.

The last and final aspect of the gravity grobes is the ability to create a gravity well shield. This shield absorbs any damage directed at the user, but the user can not move or attack, they are fully defensive, and actively using this. The shield can take up to 60 points of damage, gains a 5 points every other level the power is gotten. The shield protects the user and up to 4 other people who stand directly behind the user. The shield can take even more damage than what its capable of, but if it should then the user can not summon the shield again for 1 hour. It costs 1 CON to create the shield, after it is created once another point does not have to be spent again until 3 rounds go by, during that time the shield can be summoned at any point but is still a full action. The shield offers a +6 to the characters AC.

Infra-Laser: This weapon is something of a reaction weapon It fires a green beam out of a small green orb right above the control metal. The character can control the blasts, or the control metal can fire blasts off to protect itself. While the beam isn't very powerful it is incredible accurate. When attacked the character has a constant 50% chance that the weapon will fire on its own when ever the control metal is targeted for an attack (called shot). The shot will automatically intercept any attacks directed at the control metal. (This is an automatic hit to anything that has targeted the control metal like an arrow or magic missile(s), or some other weapon that is coming at it. The weapon or projectile is either knocked away or destroyed. With magic missiles all missiles from a single target are intercepted for that one attack, even though magic missiles form mages can not be used to make called shots, this is for magic weapons that fire them.) this weapon can be fired an unlimited number of times at no CON cost do to its low energy cost. • Rate of Fire: 1 shot per action. • Damage: 1d4, Critical on 19-20/x2 • Range: 80ft. • Bonus: +4 to hit.

Dimensional Bomb: This isn't so much a weapon as it is an after affect of transforming into the Guyver form. When the character "calls" the armor a orb of energy surounds the character. This orb is instantly there and gone again leaving behind the character in the Guyver armor. This orb leaves a small crater in the ground, walls , and ceilings of where the character transformed. Bulky weapons, armor and equipment on the character are all but destroyed, magical armor, and weapons get their usual save, but are still forcefully ripped from the body. Only light armor like Leather and Padded armors can be worn safely. • Rate of Fire: Only one time when first transforming into the Guyver. • Damage: 5d10 • Range: Only a few feet from the characters body. The diameter of the sphere is the characters height +2 feet. Anything caught with in this area is automatically hit when the character transforms. There is now save, the action is instantaneous. Only the character is unaffected.

Disadvantages First off the violent nature of the Guyver will turn anyone of Lawful good alignment into a Chaotic good character. Secondly in the Guyver form the characters Charisma is at a -4. The character can not use magic, they can use magic items, but they can not cast spells. When the Guyver is severely damage, head trauma for instance, the Guyver will go into an auto defense mode to protect the host and give them time to regenerate. This defense mode is like the barbarians rage, they will not stop until the treat or threats against the character are not moving towards it. Anything or one that moves with in 10ft of the Guyver will be attacked, this includes party members.

The only outward sign of this transition are that the eye's of the Guyver turn from a yellow or a white to a glowing blood red. The Guyver remains in this state for about 1d6 minutes or until all of the damage done to it is healed. Also in this mode the character is faster than normal and it fights very differently. The Guyver gains a +2 to hit on all attacks, its speed increases by 10, and it will attack with everything it has, even if the host has yet to discover a particular power. Yes the DM gains control of the character until it comes out of its defense mode.

Another draw back is the fact that while in Guyver form they can not wear any armor. If the character was wearing light armor when they bio-boosted then they will still not be able to use armor. Even though the light armor was not destroyed when the character transformed it is as if the character is not wearing the armor. On the plus side if they had any penalties for wearing the light armor they no longer suffer them when bio-boosted.

Weaknesses The Guyver has a few major weak points. The first is the control metal. If the control metal is hit, this usually requires a called shot of some sort. The character is racked with pain, they suffer a -4 to hit, and all other actions for 1d4 rounds.

If it is removed the Guyver's body destroys itself, but if the control metal is intact it will regenerate the entire body with in a few hours. When it is done regenerating in this way the Guyver is automatically in its defense mode. The Guyver also has a natural weakness to acids and corrosives. Acids and corrosives do double the damage, and they inhibit the regeneration process, so that the length of time it takes to heal is doubled.

If the control metal was damaged while the unit was inactive, the Guyver in the active state after bonding to a host, regenerates at double the normal length of time and they are prone to random, painful, power feed backs from the control metal. This translates into a loss of all actions for that round and they are at a -4 to hit for 1d4 rounds after that while they recover. The penalties to hit are not accumulative. Lastly the character gains a level adjustment of +2 or +3 which ever the DM prefers.




solitary or military units

Challenge Rating[edit]

As base character +3.


Standard coins and goods, special items (no armor, clothing, or weapons due to the destructive nature of the change)





Level Adjustment[edit]

A Guyver's effective character level is +4.

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