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Gunblade (Short)

Martial Melee Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Gunblade (Short) 200 gp 1d6 slashing 3 lb. Finesse, Special, Ammunition

The Gunblade is a unique weapon originally invented by the dwarves but they kept secret about it because of its destructive power and a lot of accidents while wielding it. Even the construction turned out to be so difficult that only the great masters of their blacksmiths were able to produce the more advanced chambers. Over the course of the years a few gnomes raided a weapon hall filled with those Gunblades, they stole them, sold ´em and the rest of the world took interest in these weapons. After a few weeks the first prototypes were used in battle, with fatal results, but over some months later the humans refined the building plans and the materials and were able to produce the same lethal weapon as the dwarfs. Anyhow the Gunblade was so deadly it is partially forbidden in some towns. Also if anyone who lacked the skill and talent to wield this monster fell victim to his own Gunblade. The most deaths of the wielders were by shooting themselves and be slain in battle. Therefore only a handful of these weapons and users are out there.

Statistics and facts: (Will be changed to a table later on) On the first look it seems like a simple shortsword but the hilt of the blade is actually a shooting iron. The chambers can vary greatly and there are 2 different kinds of known ammunition; shells and wholemeal. Shells are normal single shots while Wholemeal covers a small area in front of the user. The damage and the spray width is depending on the Gunblade itself. The Gunblade can be also bought as a longsword and this will deal 1d8 slashing damage but is also 50gp more expensive. The chambers currently known for this weapon are for shells, and for wholemeal. Both are shown in their respective tables below.

You can only have ONE chamber at any times on a blade even if both are for shells or wholemeal. If you want another chamber you have to remove the old one before you can add the new one.

This needs you to be proficient with blacksmith tools or go to a blacksmith. (For DMs: It should be a relatively high roll). You can only upgrade the chamber, e.g. from single shot -> double barrel -> revolver -> reservoir (You either have to know how to craft it or find the blueprints). (You can also let player find magical variants of either the blade or chambers. For instance +3 on attack rolls or a chamber that hold more shots because of magic and stuff or it auto-reloads after your turn)

The shooting iron itself deals with shells 1d6 piercing damage and has a range of 25/70ft and requires one shell per shot. While using wholemeal for a shot the load will deal 5ft (long) by 15ft (wide) big area in front of you 1d4 bludgeoning damage. This damage is 1d6 against unarmored creatures that are made out of flesh like humans.

You gain the same disadvantage penalty against creatures which are within a 5ft radius of you when you perform a ranged weapon attack against them with the shooting iron. If you perform a melee attack with the Gunblade and the attack hits you can additionally perform as a reaction an attack with the shooting iron against the same creature. (You gain on this attack roll a +4 bonus and the disadvantage penalty won´t take place) If the reaction attack would use Wholemeal you will be knocked back by 5ft if you fail a strength saving throw against 14.

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Table: Shells
Single shot Holds one shell and needs to be reloaded after every shot. Commonly found on low grade gunblades.
Double Barrel Holds a maximum of two shells. Standard gunblade chamber. Increases the price by at least 70gp.
Revolver Chamber Holds up to six shells. Most likely found on high-grade Gunblades. Increases the price by at least 200gp.
Reservoir Holds up to eight shells. Is a little big bigger than the Revolver Chamber. Extremely rare. Increases the price by at least 400gp.
Table: Wholemeal
Single Chamber Holds one load of wholemeal and needs to be refilled after every shot. Increases the price by 30gp.
Double Barrel Holds two loads, one left and the other one on the right side of the blade. Increases the price by 100gp.
Gunblade with Revolver chamber
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