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Grunts, known as the Unggoy in their native language, are a squat, stubby-limbed race of methane-breathing arthropod-like aliens from the planet Balaho. They are short, no more than 4-5 feet in height, with scrawny thighs and upper arms, flat three-toed feet with another toe in the back, and overdeveloped forearms. Their strong forearms are perfect for climbing up and over all kinds of terrain, and lend them a chimpanzee-like strength which belies their small size. Grunts have wrinkly skin, and most of their bodies are covered with a barbed, crab-like exoskeleton that protects them from minor injuries. Their olfactory glands are highly sophisticated, giving them an excellent sense of smell, and their mouths are lipless and full of small, sharp teeth. Grunts have cartoonishly high-pitched voices, and are more comfortable walking on all fours than standing upright.

Grunts are so-called because they are considered weak by other races and are often used by more powerful beings as cheap labor or cannon fodder. Their sole military purpose, most of the time, is to be thrown at the enemy in massive waves.

Explosive Breeders. Grunts grow up quickly, reaching adulthood as early as the age of 5, developing coordination and thinking abilities much faster than other races. After mating, they breed prodigiously, producing large clutches of 5-12 eggs.

Methane Breathers. Grunts can only survive in a methane-rich atmosphere, which most planets lack; thus, they are equipped with methane tanks which provide them with 120 hours of breathable air before needing to be refuelled. Grunts' methane tanks are somewhat volatile and often explode upon a grunt's death, sometimes resulting in spectacular chain reactions. A grunt deprived of methane immediately begins to suffocate and will die in a matter of minutes.

Military Ranks. Grunts can be organized into multiple different recognizable ranks and combat roles.

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