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Grung Shots![edit]

This setting is a framework for setting up games for Parties that are entirely consistent of Grung, and originate from a Grung tribe in a jungle or swamp. It is designed for use in One-Shots, but could spawn an entire Campaign!

Campaign Setting Information[edit]

Players Guide

The Classes you will be restricted to by the horror of the Grung caste system.
The only race in this setting is Grung. That's the point!
This is defined by Background: you do not gain any standard class equipment.
The Background required when playing a Grung Shot is Grung Tribe Member.
Additional Rules
A number of additional rules used in a standard Grung Shot (disregard at DM discression)
Character Creation Checklist
A short list of what to do to create your Grung.

World of the Grung


Grung are aggressive froglike humanoids found in rain forests and tropical jungles. They are fiercely territorial and see themselves as superior to most other creatures. Grung society is a caste system. Each caste lays eggs in a separate hatching pool, and juvenile grungs join their caste upon emergence from the hatchery. All grung are a dull greenish grey when they are born, but each individual takes on the colour of its caste as it grows to adulthood. From lowest to highest caste, grung can be green, blue, purple, red, orange, or gold.
All grung secrete a substance that is harmless to them but poisonous to other creatures. A grung also uses venom to poison its weapons. Grung are always on the lookout for creatures they can capture and enslave. Grung use slaves for all manner of menial tasks, but mostly they just like bossing them around. Slaves are fed mildly poisoned food to keep them lethargic and compliant. A creature afflicted in this way over a long period of time becomes a shell of its former self and can be restored to normalcy only by magic. Being amphibious, grung require water to live; any grung that fails to immerse itself in water for at least 1 hour during a day becomes quite exhausted. Green grung are the tribe's warriors, hunters, and laborers, and blue grung work as artisans and in other domestic roles. Supervising and guiding both groups are the purple grung, which serve as administrators and commanders. Red grung are the tribe's scholars and magic users. They are superior to purple, blue, and green grung and given proper respect even by grung of higher status. Higher castes include orange grung, which are elite warriors that have authority over all lesser grung, and gold grung, which hold the highest leadership positions. A tribe's sovereign is always a gold grung.
A grung normally remains in its caste for life. On rare occasions, an individual that distinguishes itself with great deeds can earn an invitation to join a higher caste. Through a combination of herbal tonics and ritual magic, an elevated grung changes colour and is inducted into its new caste in the same way that a juvenile of the caste would be. From then on, the grung and its progeny are members of the higher caste.

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