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Alignment. Neutral Evil
Domains. Knowledge, War
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Grom-Grolar is a wandering Ettin God, He is known by many names, The Wandering Hunger, Smithy of Worlds, and The Champion of The Ettinsmoor. He began life as a simple Ettin, two heads not much difference between them, but with a strange difference, horrible hunger, constant war and killing. After Years of his simple life, he was favored by ancient gods of evil and granted Incredible powers. This of course changed his appearance dramatically and altered his mind, he has few long term goals and primarily wanders aimlessly seeking food for his endless hunger, but he does have one long term plan, to bring honor and respect to all Ettins by ascending the heavens, and if that is impossible then to lead the Ettins to conquer all of the other races

He has no sole plane of existence instead he wanders from plane to plane eating villages, cities, empires, entire civilizations even. When encountered in the planes he appears as a massive Ettin towering above clouds and mountains alike. The left Head, Grom, is long faced, with a elongated jaw and two small fleshy strings protruding from the bottom of his jaw. His mouth is full of massive sharp fangs from the bottom to the top and he has a long pointed tongue which often hangs out of his mouth. He can open his mouth at a 120 degree angle. Grom's hair is long and black, oily in texture, and it covers his eyes most of the time, it's eyes are solid yellow and have bottomless hunger in them, he is cunning, but can be hard to negotiate or speak with unless food is a subject. The right head, Grolar, resembles an elderly man, it has a long white beard braided down to his waist and a long white ponytail to match, it is Scraggly and lightly combed along the braids. His eyes are old and resemble a normal humans, with bags under his eyes, and show wear and tear, almost as if this head always seems tired. Grolar is wise and smart, he can be spoken with and when he can keep the other head in check he can be polite even. He is lanky and gaunt, with sparse signs of muscle on his arms. He wears a kilt and a vest made of fur with slight color variation between the two. He also wears a pair of fur stuffed boots, but by far the most notable item he possesses is a satchel made of fur, its is filled with treasure, gold, materials, and artifacts crafted by Grolar.

His followers are surprisingly common though still rare compared to others, most are giants, barbarian tribes, Goblins or Orcs, and gnolls, who primarily worship him by holding raids in his name and the occasional putting a little bit of food aside, but there are "civilized" followers some even create temples in areas he frequents and offer him sheep they breed or anything they can spare to feed them. Usually in idols he is depicted as hunched over and crouched with his massive club propped over his shoulder. His symbol is often depicted in necklaces as a hammer over a cauldron

Of the Artifacts he has created one has been traced back to him and confirmed to be of his origin, that being Dread Plate (5e_Equipment)

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