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Greavers are a modification of a standard Reaver. Shadows as their home, Greavers make excellent assassins and spies. Made from special alloys and sophisticated mechanisms, Greavers can perform amazing feats of acrobatics, unlock nearly any door with specialized digits and gather vital information in accessible storage crystals. Greavers also possess a specially enchanted Malicitan Core, allowing them to become (mostly) invisible! They are donned in pitch-black armor and attack with deadly knife-like claws. They can come equipped with hollow barbs that can dispense potent venom.


  • Family: Construct
  • Size: Medium
  • Vision: Infrared (Able to see via heat. Target can be seen even if hiding in shadow or invisible. Able to see through thin walls.)
  • Hit Die: 2d10
  • AC: 2


  • Str: 15
  • Dex: 18
  • Con: 14
  • Int: ?/? (Artificial)
  • Wis: 0/0
  • Cha: 0/0

Special Properties[edit]

  • Move Silently: 100%
  • Climb Walls: 100%
  • Lockpick: 100%
  • Hide in Shadow: 100%
  • Invisiblility at will (However, they will become slightly visible if they move while cloaking. Enemies may take a perception check to determine if they spot the Greaver.)


  • Claw/Claw: 1d6/1d6
  • Critical Strike: On a natural 20, damage is doubled.
  • Sneak Attack: 3d6, must perform from behind.
  • Death Strike: Must premediate for 3 turns without interruption. If the enemy is prepared, the Greaver must roll at least a 16 or fail the attack. If attack succeeds, the enemy must roll a saving throw or die instantly. If they succeed, they are instead brought to zero hitpoints.
  • Poison Needles: 1-3 hit points damage, may contain any poison.
  • Pounce: Leaps at target. If hits, pins target down as action. Target must make strength check each turn. If strength is lower than Greaver's, you must roll AGAINST it's strength. If fails, they are hit by a free attack. Anyone attempting to hit target (or attacker) whilst target is pinned and misses with a 10 or lower, risks hitting attacker (or target) instead. Attacker is free to dismount target at any time. If attacker 'dies' while someone is pinned, they must still make their strength check, but not against it's strength.
  • Malicitan Core: Upon 'death', the Greaver's Malicitan Core will go critical, disintegrating the body and leaving only metalic dust. This happens

within 2 rounds. If someone is still pinned by the Greaver when this happens, they will take 5d6 in damage.

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