Great Weapon Offense (5e Feat)

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Great Weapon Offense

Prerequisites: Strength 15+
You are well-versed in how to wield a two-handed weapon in an effective offensive style. You may add half your Strength modifer (rounded down) with a maximum of +3, to all damage rolls made with that weapon. In addition, you gain the following abilities:

  • You may spin your body weight fully and focus the momentum into your weapon. As an action, you may make an attack. If you hit a creature that is your size, smaller, or up to one Size Category larger than you with your melee weapon, you may force it to make a Strength save (DC 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Strength Modifier). If it fails, it is knocked prone. If you were running when you began this maneuver, you gain a +2 on the Attack Roll.
  • You may set your stance with the weapon in such a way that you are better prepared for mounted enemies. This is done very quickly as a bonus action, and when you set your stance in this way you may not move from your current square. You gain a +4 bonus against the next mounted enemy that you attack with a two-handed melee weapon while you are in this stance.

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