Gravity Hammer (4e Future Prototype)

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Gravity Hammer Extraterrestrial Prototype
This hafted melee weapon has a kinetic pulse field generator in the head that can pull a foe closer or blast them away.
Slot: 2-handed melee
Power: Encounter ♦ Weapon, Compressive

Standard Action
Melee 2
Target: One creature
Attack: +5 vs. Fortitude
Hit: 3d10 + Constitution modifier + twice your level compressive damage. If the target is not adjacent to you, you pull them one square and knock them prone; otherwise you push them 4 squares.

Salvage: Tech level 4. A 4th-level character can salvage the gravity hammer. It becomes a heavy 2-handed melee weapon; Str/Con; +2 accuracy; 2d10 compressive damage; Reach and repelling mods.
Weight: 9 lb.

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