Grappling Hook (5e Equipment)

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Cost: 1 gp

This arrow's head is replaced with a grappling hook and has 50 feet of rope trailing behind it. The hook will pierce through nonmagical, non-adamantine materials in order to stay hooked. The end of the rope is connected to your bow and may be undone as a bonus action. If another grappling hook arrow is fired, and lands within 100 feet of another grappling arrow that is attached to your bow, you may have them be connected. The hooks may be taken out with a successful DC 10 strength check, and may be traversed with a DC 15 Acrobatics check at normal speed, once made the check does not need to be made for another minute. For each time this modification is taken another rope is attached to your bow. If this hits a creature, it connects to the square on the other side of the creature.

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