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Armor (splint), rare (requires attunement)

This armor is a masterpiece. It is so expertly crafted that to the untrained eye it appears magical. The plates are hardened for strength and shaped for mobility and deflection. Thus, it is both lighter and stronger than the more common standard plate suits. The suit covers the wearer head to toe in metal plates, except for the joints, which

While wearing this specially enhanced splint armor, you can increase your AC by an amount equal to your Dexterity modifier, to a maximum of 3. While wearing it, you cannot wield any kind of longbow, shortbow, or crossbow.

When you don gothic armor, you can choose to wear only parts of it so it functions as a gothic cuirass. This functions as a magic breastplate instead of splint. Unlike a nonmagical breastplate, the maximum Dexterity modifier you can add to AC is 3. It otherwise functions as common breastplate.

A full set of gothic armor has a market cost of at least 3,500 gp.

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