Godhood (3.5e Epic Spell)

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Become God
Spellcraft DC: 21
Components: V, S, F, M,
Casting time: 100 days
Range: Personal
Duration: Permenant
Saving Throw: No
Spell Resistance: No
To Develop: 189,000 gp, 7,560 XP, 5 years. "Seed:" Transform (DC 21). "Factors:" Gain a Divine rank (ad hoc, +1000 DC), 100 day casting time (-200 DC), Extremely rare focus (ad hoc, -400 DC), Extremely rare material component (ad hco, -400 DC).

The caster absorbs the essence of a god, gaining 1 Divine Rank. Gaining divine rank through magic is taxing, however, and the caster loses all their spells and spell-like abilities for 10d100 days.

Due to the intensely complex nature of this ritual, the caster must spend a total amount of 5 years researching it. Unlike other epic spells, the caster doesn't need to research continuously - he/she may take as many intervals as they wish, so long as the spell stays the exact same, and a total of 5 years are spent.

Material Component: A giant assortment of obscure materials, including 50 milliliters of a god's blood. Not including the god's blood, the materials cost no less than 100,000 GP.

Focus: A major artifact belonging to the same god. After the spell is complete, the artifact loses it's divinity and abilities.

Special: This spell can be cast multiple times. Each time it is cast, the caster's divine rank increases by 1.

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