Giant Spiky Monstrosity of Spiral Deformity (5e Equipment)

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Weapon (Lance), Very Rare (requires attunement)

Giant Spiky Monstrosity of Spiral Deformity is a bizarre, seemingly living lance made of spiralling flesh and chitin that morphs and shifts as it stirs restlessly. Its coloration is a horrid mixture of dark red, green, and black, with multiple yellow eyes along its massive length that seem to sink into the flesh of the weapon when they blink, almost disappearing entirely. The length of the weapon is also covered in mouths with needle-like teeth and coarse bumps and horn-like structures. The weapon 'sleeps' when it is not being used, its spiral shape compressing to be the size of an ordinary lance. Where this weapon comes from is unknown, but it is presumed to be from the Abyss, widely prized as a collector's item for zoologists and researchers of demonology.

The Weight Of Sin The Giant Spiky Monstrosity of Spiral Deformity is a very heavy weapon. The wielder has disadvantage when they use it to attack a target within 5 feet of them. Also, it requires two hands to wield when the wielder isn’t mounted. The wielder gains a +4 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this weapon while mounted.

Negative Reinforcement The Giant Spiky Monstrosity of Spiral Deformity will bite the wielder if they miss with an attack, dealing 1d4 piercing damage if the wielder is not wearing Medium or heavier armor on their hands.

Horrid Reach The wielder may expend a bonus action to pinch the Giant Spiky Monstrosity of Spiral Deformitys southernmost end, causing it to stretch forward in surprise, allowing them to attack a creature at 15 feet, but with disadvantage, unless it is an opportunity attack. If the wielder succeeds in attacking a creature in this way, they may pull it towards them. To determine how this works, count the amount the wielder succeeded by. If the wielder succeeds by 1 the target is pulled 5 feet towards them, if by 2 the target is pulled all the way next to them, if by 3 the target moves 5 feet towards the wielder and becomes prone, if by 4+ the target moves all the way towards the wielder and the wielder becomes prone.

Whispering Madness The constant mumbling of this weapon gives the wielder disadvantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks, but advantage on Charisma (Intimidation) checks due to its weird abhorrent appearance.
Sentience. Giant Spiky Monstrosity of Spiral Deformity is a sentient Neutral Evil weapon with a Wisdom of 5 (-3), an Intelligence of 8 (-1) and a Charisma of 2 (-4). It can only speak a very old and strange dialect of Abyssal, as well as a few broken words of Common. It has a very poor grasp of grammar or maybe even a lack of coherent thought. It speaks using its many mouths, but the one on the grip of the weapon speaks most often, the others sometimes staying silent or providing a dissenting voice.
Personality. The SD's personality is somewhat unclear, as it seems to often contradict itself when it speaks. The many mouths chatter amongst themselves, sniping at each other when one suggests an idea. Usually, it prioritizes bloodshed, urging its user to use it to draw blood. It sometimes laps up pools of blood if left near one, and will whine and complain if deprived. If the weapon has not tasted blood in a week, the lance will have an argument with the wielder at dawn.

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