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Physical Description[edit]

A masked ghoul, part of the Tokyo Ghoul anime box set cover.

Ghouls appear as any normal human, save for one feature; their eyes. When in contact with human blood or hungry, their sclera becomes pitch black, with their iris and veins becoming more prominent and bright red. Consider using this race’s respective class.


The beginning of the race of ghouls is a mystery. For as long as they have been known, they have been feared and hunted en masse.


Ghouls have two options when it comes to society. Certain ghouls choose to live as a hermit, living by themselves, separated from society, only associating themselves with ghouls briefly to hunt for prey. Other ghouls choose to assimilate themselves into society. This is considered extremely dangerous, as if they are discovered, they must either flee or kill those who discover them. Ghouls within society will often wear masks to conceal their identity when hunting so as not to be discovered.

Ghoul Names[edit]

Ghoul's names are as varied as the race they appear as and will take the names that are common in the area to better blend in

Racial Traits[edit]

Seemingly normal humans with a dark truth.
Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by +2, and your Strength or Dexterity score increase by +1.
Age. Ghouls are born from other Ghouls, except in extremely rare cases, and age and die at the same rate as normal humans.
Alignment. Ghouls have a wide variety of alignments that are as diverse as humans, but tend toward neutral or chaotic alignments due to their forced separation from society.
Size. Your size is Medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Hunger. You can only receive nourishment from human flesh. When consuming other food, you must succeed a DC 15 Charisma saving throw or Performance check, your choice. On a failure, you vomit. Regardless of whether or not you vomit, it will not fulfill your food requirement for the day.
Extreme Recovery. Ghouls may regrow limbs or other parts of the body during a long rest. If you regenerate a limb during a long rest, you do not replenish Hit points, Hit dice, or spell slots. Along with this you add your proficiency bonus to your hit dice when you use them to heal.
Extreme Feeding. Ghouls are very dependent on their diet and must consume one body’s worth of flesh (see Hunger) to fulfill their food requirement, after which they are satiated for 2d20+your Constitution modifier days. If they eat before they require food again, it does not stack and they must roll again. 3 days before they require food, they must succeed a DC 12+1 each day they do not eat Constitution saving throw at the end of combat. If they fail the save, they suffer one of the effects in the short term madness table located in the DMG for 1d10+15 minutes. While under these effect, they do not gain the benefits of Extreme Recovery.
Languages. Common, and 1 other language. Ghouls will usually learn a language from their local area or hometown to better blend in.

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