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This race is intended for a post-death campaign, or one not dealing with the material existence.
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Ghost, Variant[edit]

Shredding, possessing, madness are my destiny. -- Inspired from television show Being Human.

Physical Description[edit]

An apparition of your former self. This race is designed to be played only after a player character dies.


You are a being that recently died, you are unaware of your past life, but you will regain all your lost knowledge as you regain experience in your former class. You have limited ability to affect the world, at first, until you master your ghostly abilities.

You can only be a ghost as a result of a death that left some unfinished business in the material plane that is binding your soul to a specific location. This specific location is known as your death spot.

Once your unfinished business is complete in the material plane, your soul is no longer bound and you can pass through a door to the other side.


There are other ghosts, some friendly, some not.

Ghost, variant Names[edit]

Male: Any racial name

Female: Any racial name

Ghost, variant Traits[edit]

You are a true ghost, as inspired by TV Show, Being Human.
Ability Score Increase. same as your former race
Age. Youre a ghost, it doesn't matter any more. You live until you pass through your door to the other side.
Alignment. none, though madness tends to change your alignment over time to chaotic
Size. same as former self
Speed. Your base walking speed is the same as former race. You cannot pass through doors or sealed Windows, whether locked or unlocked until level 2
Unseen. You cannot be seen or heard, except by magical creatures, including but not limited to wizards, warlocks, sorcerers, clerics, druids, any classes or races that possess magical arcane abilities, fey, Fiends, demons, devils, celestial, strongholds, dragons, undead, etc
Material world. You lack the ability to physically alter the material plane until level 3. Then, you can physically touch or move objects, such as doors, books, small objects
Death clothes. You are forever stuck wearing the clothes you died in. This doesn't mean that you can't eventually wear armor.
Armor, weapons magic items. At level 6, you can use wear any item of your class.You can also cast spells, now.
Possession. At level 4, you can possess another humanoids body. You make a DC grappling Wisdom roll vs target, failure for you gives target protection for 24 hours and they are aware of possession. Success for you gives you control over their body for one minute upon which a new grapple takes place. Use of this power more than once per month results in disease of addiction, whereby only a cure disease or other such spell can cure you. Addiction causes a craving for possessing nearest humanoid,upon losing a grapple you possess the next body
Shredding ghosts. At level 15, you can shred other ghosts based on wisdom grappling roll dc. Shredding another ghost requires intense anger and the result is death for the losing ghost.
Mage Hand. At will, you gain Mage Hand when you reach level 7. Wisdom is your spellcasting bonus. You cast Mage Hand at level 1 ability.
Chill Touch. At will, you gain Chill Touch when you reach level 1. Wisdom is your spell-casting bonus. You cast Chill Touch at level 1
Instant Teleportation. At level 13, you can instantly teleport to any location that you've seen and can describe in detail. This is usually a place that you have been to for extended periods of time, like thirty days or longer. Roll a DC Intelligence Check of 10 or higher to determine success. Each 100 days you have not visited the location, add 1 to the DC check. For each number of years you have spent in the exact place (not a town, but a specific location, such as a room in a building), subtract 1 from the DC check. Success means you teleport. Failure means you take 1d10 Psychic Damage.
Languages. same as in life

Random Height and Weight[edit]

same′ same″ +same same lb. × (same) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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