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The Appalachia campaign takes place in a version of our world. The Indians are elves and have used their magic to drive the European human invaders back into the sea. At low to medium levels, the game will be played in North America in the Appalachian mountains, following the conflict between the surviving human remnant and the Elven Indians. At high levels, the campaign can extend world-wide.

Appalachia World Cities[edit]

  1. Boston, New England, respected and left along by the Elven Indians because it is the home of those fleeing religious persecution in N Europe. None-the-less, the Elven Indians keep a tight hold on it not allowing it to expend too much.
  2. Buffalo Road, Indiana, capital of the Elven Indian empire of Indiana of North America. It is the only city in Indiana, the emprie stretches from the mountains of Rock in the west to the Sea of Atlantis in the east and the Bay of Hispaniola in the south to the bay of the Hudson in the north, excepting the kingdoms of Appalachia still controlled by the humans.
  3. Edo, Japan, cultural capital of the Yuan-Ti and their civilization stretching though the entire Pacified ocean and onto the shores of the various lands aside it.
  4. El Dorado, Minas Tirith (mythical), a mythical city that exists, and yet no one can find it because Morder has ensorceled much of the west coast. In the location of this world's San Francisco.
  5. Istanbul, Ogreman Empire, the capital of the Turkish-Ogre Ogreman Empire one both sides of the Dardanelles.
  6. London, England. Capital of the English kingdom. England is currently under attack by the alliance of the Celts and the Elven Indians. Former capital of the Britonic Empire.
  7. Lost Vegas, Mordor, captial of Mordor, located in present world Las Vegas Nevada.
  8. Mecca, Ogreman Empire, center of the Tiefling Religion of Islam, on the west coast of the Arabian peninsula.
  9. Mexico City, Mexico, capital of the High Elven Empire of Mexico. By far the largest city in the Americas.
  10. Mount Zion, Ogreman Empire, center of the Aaracokra Religion of Judaism, near the east end of the Mediterranean Sea.
  11. New Orleans, Acadia. One of four human cities still existing on the coasts of North America. Given to the French by the Elven Indians because they helped the Elven Indians because they helped drive the Britonic empire and the human invaders into the sea. Favorite of pirates and trade with connections to the High Elven Mesoamericans, still human Hispaniola, and the Elven Indians.
  12. New York City, formerly New Gnomesterdam. Called Gnome York City by its gnomely residents, The Dutch gnomes purchased Manhattan Island by trading Bead of Power for it. The Elven Indians fear to recapture it for fear that the beads of power they gained in trade will return to the gnomes. Manhattan is an island of 35 hills, and upon each hill is a great gnome tower.
  13. Paris, France, the capital of France, currently the target of the Elven Indian invasion of Europe, after having failed to capture England.
  14. Port Royal, Jamaica, pirates and just about every race you can think of. The capital of Jamaica at present.
  15. Puebla, Mogollon, The northernmost of the great High Elven Mesoamerican stone cities. Also an enemy of neighboring Mordor.
  16. Rome, Germany, On the Italian peninsula, once a great capital, now just a large city in the southern portion of the Holy German Empire. Claims to be the capital of Christianity, but most Christians don't buy it.
  17. Starbridge, High Elven. The vertical kingdom and city of the High Elven. Starbridge is on the equator and reaches all the way to geosynchronous orbit. Its construction sucked away all the magic regarding gravity and verticality out of the world to build it, and now certain spells such as fly and levitate are impossible.
  18. Taos, New Mexico, home of the last human survivors of Mexico. Contains a wizard's college in the magical land of New Mexico.
  19. Thule, Greenland, northernmost city of the Dwarven Vikings, at the northern tip of Greenland.
  20. Venice, Germany, trading empire, part of the Holy German Empire.

North American Kingdoms[edit]

  1. Adirondak (Viking)
  2. Alabama, Appalachia (2) (human)
  3. Carolina, Appalachia (6) (human) - "South Carolina is too small for a republic, and too large for an insane asylum." - James L. Petigru, jurist.
  4. Cascadia (wood elven)
  5. East Tennessee, Appalachia (5) (human)
  6. East Virginia, Appalachia (9)(human)
  7. Georgia, Appalachia (3) (human) - Georgia is the place where all the food is deep-fried, mashed, buttered, barbequed, and shot the day before you eat it.
  8. Indiana (wood elven). Indiana stretches from the east coast to the northwest coast. Once the Wood Elven Indians realized the threat of the European invaders, they banded together continent wide to defeat them. The capital of Indiana is Buffalo Road, at the present site of Indianapolis. It is the only city in Indiana.
  9. Innuita (wood elven and minor celestials)
  10. Kentucky, Appalachia (7) (human)
  11. Maryland, Appalachia (human)
  12. Mississippi, Appalachia (1) (human)
  13. Mogollon (?)
  14. Mordor, all evil races, or races that can be turned to evil.
  15. New Mexico (human)
  16. Ohio, Appalachia (8) (human)
  17. Pennsylvania, Appalachia (11) (human)
  18. West New York, Appalachia (12) (human)
  19. West Tennessee, Appalachia (4) (human)
  20. West Virginia, Appalachia (10) (human)

Mesoamerican Kingdoms[edit]

  1. Maya, Oldest of the high elven Mesoamerican kingdoms, thousands of years old.
  2. Mexico, (high elven)
  3. Mogollon, (high elven)
  4. Patagonia, (giants)
  5. Peru, (high elven)
  6. Starbridge, high elven vertical kingdom/city upon the equator reaching to the stars. Starbridge has used up all the vertical magic in the world. This is why fly and reverse gravity and levitation do not work. Starbridge also includes these Manhattan Purchase Power Beads.


  1. Antarctica
  2. Borneo
  3. Corsica
  4. Greenland
  5. Hawaii
  6. Hispaniola
  7. Iceland
  8. Jamaica
  9. Japan
  10. Java
  11. Kodiak
  12. Madagascar
  13. Manhattan
  14. Moa (New Zealand)
  15. New Guinea
  16. Sardinia
  17. Sumatra
  18. Svalbard
  19. Taiwan
  20. Vinland

Eurasian Kingdoms[edit]

  1. China
  2. France
  3. Germany/Holy European Empire
  4. Hungaria
  5. Mongolia
  6. Persia
  7. Portugal
  8. Spain
  9. Switzerland
  10. Transylvania

Celtic Kingdoms[edit]

  1. Brittany
  2. Corwall
  3. England (and Wales)
  4. Galicia
  5. Ireland
  6. Scotland

Regions With Multiple Kingdoms[edit]

  1. Africa
  2. Amazonia
  3. Appalachia
  4. Australia
  5. Britonic Isles
  6. Eurasia
  7. High Elven
  8. India
  9. Lemuria (mythical, perhaps the home of the merfolk?)
  10. Middle East
  11. North Africa
  12. North America
  13. Ogreman Empire
  14. Pacific Ocean
  15. Russia
  16. Scandanavia
  17. Slavoria (Eastern Europe)
  18. South America
  19. Thaiburnam (South East Asia)
  20. The Western Mountains

Mythical Places[edit]

The dungeon master decides whether each one of these exists or not.

  1. Andora, Mythical place in the Pyranees.
  2. Atlantis, a continent that once existed in the middle of the Atlantic ocean connecting Florida with Spain (merfolk?).
  3. Avalon, Unbeknownst to almost everyone, New York City is built upon the ruins of Avalon. DM decides if it exists.
  4. Easter Island, Rises out of the waves in the spring.
  5. El Dorado, also called Minas Tirith or San Francisco, a great enemy of Mordor. Mordor weaves spells around it to make it unfindable by any possible allies.
  6. Florida, the fountain of youth
  7. Freedonia, N America, Africa, Europe? Where is this place? Maybe it moves around.
  8. Isle Royale, highly magical mythical.
  9. Lemuria, a continent that once existed in the middle of the Indian ocean connecting Sumatra and Madagascar (merfolk?).
  10. Lyonesse, west of Cornwall.
  11. Mu, a great continent that once existed in the middle of the Pacific ocean (merfolk?).
  12. The Kingdom of Prester John, Somewhere in the east African highlands or something.
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