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Gate of Stature[edit]

A gate of stature resembles a simple stone arch at first sight. However, player characters who succeed on a DC 12 Perception check notice that it is imbued with strange, unreadable runes, and those who succeed on a DC 15 Arcana check or have seen a gate of stature before can successfully identify its true nature.

A gate of stature has several purposes: it can force heroes into the size of a mouse, and trap them with a much more massive monster, or it can turn an ordinarily diminutive and simple beast into a intimidating monster. Some magically adept pixie and sprite communities will have gates of stature near their villages, allowing them to better interact with other beings of a normally much larger size. Gates of stature are scarcely larger or smaller than ten feet wide, and creatures of Huge or Gargantuan size cannot fit through them. Beings of any other size, however, take the following effects when walking through it:

Former Size New Size Hit Dice Modifier Armor Class Modifier Speed Modifier Strength Modifier Non-Magical Damage Modifier
Tiny Medium ✕2 -1 ✕3 +2 +4
Small Large ✕1.5 N/A ✕1.5 +1 +2
Medium Tiny ÷2 +1 ÷3 -2 -4
Large Small ÷1.5 N/A ÷1.5 -1 -2
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