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"The Sable God, The God-King, King of the Netherworld, The Primordial Prince, Primordial Fear, Lord of Hollows, Father of Demons & Nightmares, Demon God, Lord of Men, Warden of the Damned, Keeper of the Flame of Chaos, Lord of Hollows, Protector of the Forlorn, Master of the Netherweave"

Symbol: A Black and Purple Flame
Home Plane: Evernight, 658th-666th Layers of the Abyss
Alignment: Lawful Chaotic
Worshipers: Demons, Dragons, The Forlorn, Those that practice dark or netherweave magic
Clergy Alignments: NG, CG, LN, N, CN
Domains: Abyss, Cataclysm, Chaos, Darkness, Demons, Destruction, Dragon, Fear, Night, Space, Wealth
Favored Weapon: Shortlance
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More information...

The unchallenged ruler of Dragon Lords and heir of Anu-Urei has many names and titles. To those that fear the dark and bask in light, he is the Lord in the Shadows and King of the Night. To frightened spirits ostracized from their people, he is redemption and retribution. These are simply many facets of a single being, many names for one god. Lord Draco Veistul reigns over men and gods with absolute authority.

In his natural form, he appears as a slender dragon with polished ebony scales that glitter in the light like stars, large wings made of scales that are feathery in appearance, akin to a bird's, and a long, sinuous tail tipped with a poison barb. When a situation requires a softer, yet still imposing, touch, he appears in his human form, a thin yet muscular, black haired man with tan skin and red eyes. He is always clad in purple or black finery, usually black leather, and can usually be found wearing knee-high boots, the heels of which have been sharpened into a long and deadly points.


Despite his less than comforting titles, the Lord of Hollow Men is a kind, if strict and often vengeful, god. He welcomes outcasts with open arms and provides comfort to those that fear the world around them, encouraging them to do the same for others. His low tolerance for disloyalty and hatred of half-god/half-mortals however, has earned him a reputation for being cruel.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Dragon Emperor Draco Veistul[edit]

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