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PL 7 Global Defence Initiative Railgun, Mark I(I) Infantry Railgun (Exotic Firearms Proficiency)

Damage 4D12 Magazine Single-shot Slug and Power Cell
Critical 20 x3 (Headshot kills instantly) Size Medium
Damage Type Energy, Ballistic Weight 30 lbs.
Range Increment 250 ft. Purchase DC 35
Rate of Fire Single-shot, must be reloaded after each shot Restriction Military (+3)


GDI's Railgun Mark I(Infantry) is a strange weapon, modified from a M16 Mk. II basis. It is unknown how the modifications were exactly made, but the weapon has proven its effectiveness against enemy soldiers, vehicles, and even structures. An analysis of this weapon was unable to provide detailed schematics or procedures on how to replicate it for official GDI standard-issue, due to the immsense complexity of the design (the only working design is a prototype, and the plans were lost in a Nod attack on the facility where the railgun was developed). However, examinations did reveal that the weapon operates in the same manner as a traditional rail gun, by accelerating a small solid slug round along high-powered magnets and discharging it at such a speed that the round can penetrate through multiple surfaces and targets. What follows is an optical illusion of a large blue beam blasting out of the weapon's muzzle. The rail gun has also had its psychological effects, with Nod troops convinced on the belief that the weapon operates in the same manner as GDI's past portable Ion Cannon concepts and experimental prototype device of the First Tiberium War, or a variant weapon which works by gathering ionic energy near the muzzle of the gun barrel before the massive discharge releases a pulse of raw energy which can shoot through multiple targets.

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