GDI M2A1 Medium Tank (Command and Conquer Vehicle)

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GDI M2A1 Medium Tank[edit]

GDI M2A1 Medium Tank

Crew 5 (Driver, Gunner, Loader, Radio Operator, Commander)
Pass 0 (No passenger capacity)
Cargo 1250 lbs.
Init. 0
Maneuver -2
Top Speed 90 (9)
Defense 11
Hardness 9
Hit Points 150
Size Medium Tank
Purchase DC 45
Restriction Mil +3

GDI M2A1 Medium Tank[edit]

The GDI M2A1 Medium Tank is the most numerous of GDI's armoured fighting vehicles. Only the Humm-Vee outnumbers it amongst GDI's ranks, but the Humm-Vee is not meant for armoured combat; the .50 HB is not designed for penetrating armoured vehicles, after all!

The M2A1 has most recently encountered the fearsome Light Tank Mark II. Despite the improved performance of the M2A1 compared to the M2, the M2A1 has a tough fight on its hands, especially when fighting against high concentrations of Nod armour. GDI armoured divisions have encountered stiff resistance when attacking heavily-defended Nod bases, and the Light Tank Mark II doesn't help at all. The closest Nod has to an effective counter to the M2A1, the Light Tank Mark IIB is a particular threat. Crewed by Nod Black Hand, the Light Tank IIB is effective at dealing with the M2A1's sides and rear. The frontal armour of the M2A1 can resist the 90mm cannon of the Light Tank IIB, but the IIB has the speed and agility to avoid incoming fire, and dealing with the weaker side armour of the M2A1 is child's play against inexperienced GDI crews.

For all of this, though, GDI has a trump card that the M2A1 can use; the 183mm FR-1. This massive gun is a vastly-improved version of the ancient British 7.2-inch howitzer. The FR-1 can only be mounted in a casemate mounting in the hull, almost akin to the old tank destroyers of the German and Soviet armies during WWII. The FR-1 is capable of blasting any Nod armour apart with contempt; and the HE shell is gruesome against Nod infantry. The only negative to the FR-1 is that it only can have 20 shells, compared to the 76 of the M2A1's normal 120mm M2 gun. To counter this, FR-1 gun-armed tanks are deployed in batteries of about 5-7, which can shell Nod positions. This also acted as a counterpart to Nod's Mobile Artillery batteries; the FR-1 outranged the 155mm guns of the Nod artillery regiments, and the added mobility can be very useful in avoiding counter-battery fire.

The M2A1 is armed with an M2 120mm gun, and two .50 HB machine guns. The M2A2 has a 183mm FR-1 main gun, backed up with a hull .50 HB and an AA-mounted 15mm MG-4.

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