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Forger [General]

You are an accomplished forger.
Benefit: You may use any Craft or Profession skills you possess to make forgeries. When forging an item you make your check with the appropriate skill and it is opposed by the corresponding skill check of the person who examines the item to check its authenticity. It you are attempting to pass something off as more expensive than it actually is then the examiner may instead make a Appraise skill check.
Some examples of things that can be forged
  • Written Documents Profession (scribe) Craft (Calligraphy)
  • Legal Documents Profession (barister)
  • Passing glass gems as real Profession (gemcutter) or Craft (gemcutting)
  • Coins Profession (minter), Craft (blacksmithing)

Generally forged items either have no value, fail to give a bonus, or break on use. The examiner gains modifiers on his or her check if any of the conditions on the table below exist. The Forgery check is made secretly, so that you're not sure how good your forgery is, you don't even need to make a check until someone examines the work.

Reader's Forgery Condition Check Modifier
  • Type of forged item unknown to reader (-2)
  • Type of forged item somewhat known to reader (+0)
  • Type of forged item well known to reader (+2)
  • Reader only casually reviews the forgery (-2)
The DM may apply further modifiers based on the believability of the forgery.
Special: This feat is designed to completely replace the Forgery skill in a campaign.

Synergy: 5 ranks in the Spot skill provides a +2 synergy bonus to attempts to spot a forgery.

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