Food and Rest Rules (5e Variant Rule)

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Each character has a base Energy storage of 2*CON+6 and loses 2 Energy per 24 hours. Each day at 0 Energy gives an Exhaustion level. You can only eat 1 lb of food per short rest. Being over base Energy level gives disadvantage on DEX checks and saving throws.

Table: Food Energy
Quality Energy per lb
Squalid 1
Poor 2
Modest 3
Comfortable 4
Wealthy 5
Aristocratic 6


Table: Exhaustion Lost per Long Rest
Quality Exhaustion Lost
Squalid 1 + CON DC 15 for +1
Poor 1 + CON DC 10 for +1
Modest 2
Comfortable 2 + CON DC 15 for +1
Wealthy 2 + CON DC 10 for +1
Aristocratic 3

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