Fog Affective Disorder (The Blackroot Falls Supplement)

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Feelings of isolation and disorientation may be a symptom of fog affective disorder.

Fog affective disorder, is mental disorder characterized by dramatic changes or extremes of mood, thought to be caused by the persistent presence of highly dense low-lying clouds in Foghaven. Fog affective disorder may include manic (elevated, expansive, or irritable mood with hyperactivity, pressured speech, and inflated self-esteem) or depressive (dejected mood with disinterest in life, sleep disturbance, agitation, and feelings of worthlessness or guilt) episodes, and often combinations of the two.

Local apothecarists, anatomists, and physicians have proposed a number of causes (minute chemical presences in the fog, vitamin deficiencies from lack of exposure to sunlight, etc.) and cures, however, none have proved effective explanations or treatments.

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