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Flesh Clone
5th-level Necromancy
Casting time: 1 hour
Range: Touch
Components: V, M(an empty vial)
Duration: Until dispelled

While speaking an intricate incantation, you cut yourself or another creature and fill the vial full of blood, taking 1d4 piercing damage that can’t be reduced in any way. You must then continue casting the spell for the rest of the hour or the blood be unusable for the spell. You may not have more than one Flesh Clone spell in effect per creature at a time. The number of Flesh Clone spells in effect may not exceed your spell-casting ability modifier.

At any time after the spell has been cast, you may destroy the material component by smashing the vial on the ground. If the creature whose blood sample that you took is at 0 hit-points, dead, or otherwise incapacitated, a copy of that creature is created. The copy is a construct who is exactly like the sample creature at the time the blood sample was taken, retaining memories, spell slots, personality, abilities, etc. at the time of sampling. You DO NOT control the copy. The copy does not have a soul and will be perceived by creatures with True-sight in shades of gray.

The copy has half the number of hit-points of the sample creature(minimum of 1) and its hit-point maximum is reduced by 1d10 every hour. When its hit-points are reduced to 0, it turns into a small pool of blood and the spell ends. Also, the copy takes a -4 penalty to all Attack rolls, Saving Throws, and Ability Checks. If the sample creature returns from the dead, or regains consciousness, the copy is instantly destroyed and the spell ends.

Although the copy is a construct, it can be possessed, for example by the Magic Jar spell. If the copy is then possessed, it is perceived by creatures with True-sight in color.

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