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Flawless Gem [Racial]

Types of Gems gain more abilities
Prerequisite: Gem,
Benefit: Gems gain more abilities based on their type

Ruby: Fire Immunity. Can use Burning hands once every 1 min.

Sapphire: Can walk on water and create air bubbles to allow for breathing for other creatures at will

Quartz: Blind sight 15.

Snowflake: May turn a 5 foot cube of water into ice as a full round action. May walk on water at normal speed leaving a trail of ice that can support up to 300 lb and melts over 1 hour.

Obsidian: Can use shadow conjuration once a day

Opal: Gain one additional Fusion ability. A fusion gains 1 temporary hit points every level of the individual creatures upon fusion. A Fusion may mediate healing for 2 health for every hour they mediate. This may be done during a rest. During this time any effects of poisons or spells that normally do damage or or have an effect procts over time is ignored until mediation has finished. This is not a magical effect, but just quickens natural healing.

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