Flammable Poisoned Acid (5e Trap)

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Flammable Poisoned Acid[edit]

This trap is mechanical but it is fuelled by magic.

This trap is highly dangerous because the trap is partly hidden by mechanical means and by magical means. The trigger is a pressure plate which is hidden by an illusion (to perceive the pressure plate a creature has to make a DC 20 Wisdom (perception) check, but if the creature can sense illusions by means like truesight the DC is only 15). If a creature which is tiny or bigger steps onto this pressure plate, the trap gets activated. When the trap is activated the doors (every door has an AC 17 and 50 hit points) of the floor close themselves. Then the floor gets filled with a liquid which deals 3d10 acid and 1d10 poison damage to every creature which starts it’s turn in the liquid. After five rounds flames are shooting down from the ceiling immediately dealing 4d10 fire damage to all creatures inside the trap. After that the fluid is ignited, it is dealing 1d10 fire damage to every creature which starts it’s turn in the ignited fluid. After ten rounds the room will be completely filled with the ignited fluid. The damage will continue but there are a few new changes. If there was light in the room before the room was completely filled with the liquid, the area is dark now. Every creature fully trapped in the liquid can’t breath even if it has the amphibious trait. After ten minutes the trap will deactivate itself, opening the doors and letting the liquid flow away.The trap can only be deactivated by removing the power source from the trap. The power source is hidden in a wall of the room and can only be detected by a Wisdom (perception) check with a DC 25. After the detection of the power source it can be removed easily through a mechanism. The power source is a wand of lightning bolts.

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