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Wondrous item, rare, (doesn't require attunement, but you need to be missing a pinky to use it)

A prosthetic little finger that attaches seamlessly to hand. Made of a light metal and as responsive as a flesh digit, it has intricate engravings covering the sides and three miniature arcane sigils (one on the back of each section of the finger) that each bestow a different property. The ring has 4 charges, which can be used for the following effects, if any charges have been used, roll a d4 after a long rest and recover the number rolled.

Message By expending 1 charge, you can cast the spell Message with no components required, and at a range of 240ft.

Trap Sense By expending 2 charges, you gain advantage and a +5 modifier (in addition to whatever you may have already had) for looking for traps in a 30ft radius, this feature can only be used once per short or long rest.

Sleep Dart By expending 3 charges, you can shoot an arcane dart, roll to hit using your dexterity modifier and proficiency bonus. On a successful hit, roll 10d8, if the number rolled is equal to or higher than the creature's remaining hit points, the creature falls asleep for 10 minutes. This property only effects humanoids, goblinoids and dogs, and a creature that resists the effect gained immunity to the dart for the next 24 hours.

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