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Find Special Familiar (4th Level Spell)

Range: 1 mile / Level Components: V,S,M
Duration: Special Casting Time: 1-24 hours.
Area of Effect: As spell range. Saving Throw: Neg.

A familiar is of certain benefit to a magic-user, as the creature adds to the spell caster's hit points, it conveys its sensory powers to its master, and it can converse with and will serve as a guard/scout/spy as well. However, the magic-user has no control over what sort of creature will answer the summoning, or if any at all will come, and the power of the conjuration is such that it can be attempted but once per year. At such time as the magic-user determines to find a familiar, he or she must stoke up a brass brazier with charcoal, and when this is burning well, add 100 g.p. worth of incense, herbs (basil, savory, and catnip for sure), and fat. When these items are burning, the spell caster begins his or her incantation, and it must be continued until the familiar comes or the casting time is finished. Your referee will secretly determine all results. The magic-user has absolutely no control over what sort of a creature appears to become his or her familiar. If any of the familiars below that have parenthesis do an extremely evil act, then they will transform into the creature that is in the parenthesis. They will not be allowed to transform back.

Determine the Familiar you Get
Die Roll (d20) Familiar Sensory Powers
1-4 Weasel(Quamo) Superior Hearing & very superior olfactory.
5-6 Cat(Grippli) Superior hearing and seeing.
7-8 Dove(Giant Lizard) Superior Hearing.
9-10 Crab(Superior Muckdweller) Superior hearing.
11-12 Dog(Hatori) Superior hearing & superior olfactory.
13-14 Snake(Myconid) Superior Hearing and sight.
15 Special
Calculate the familiar with this sub-table.
Alignment of Magic-User Result of Special Familiar
Chaotic Evil or neutral chaotic Peryton.
Chaotic good, neutral, or neutral good Huge Scorpion.
Lawful neutral or lawful good Couatl.
Lawful evil or Neutral Evil Hell Hound.
16-20 No Familiar available within spell range.
Familiar's with Parenthesis have certain hitpoints. You might have to look them up in a monsters manual. Except for the Quamo. You can find the page for the Quamo Here!!. Each is abnormally intelligent and totally faithful to the magic-user whose familiar it becomes. The number of the familiar's hit points is added to the hit point total of the magic-user when it is within 12" of its master, but if the familiar should ever be killed, the magic-user will permanently lose double that number of hit points.

A familiar will fight for the life of the magic-user it serves only in a life-and-death situation, and Hell Hounds and Peryton's will be 90% likely not to do so at the risk of their own life.

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