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This creature template is intended to be used as part of the Fortress Celestia campaign setting as a form of the aiar creature subtype.

Creating a Fey'iar[edit]

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A celestial that appears as a fey, but is really an aiar

When an aiar skyfish has completed herding thousands of glows and whisps to safety on the Isles of the Dead, or a whisp has reached its maximum size without becoming a skyfish, it may choose to become a fey'iar.

The new fey'iar can choose to take on any form (base creature) that suits its personality and meets the following requirements: fey type; tiny, diminutive, or fine size, non - evil nominal alignment; and challenge rating not more than one.

In game terms, fey'iar are identical to the base creature in every way, including any special qualities and abilities, except as listed below. If the changes listed below conflict with something on the base creature's listings, the base creature characteristic is lost. To ensure the conversion is done correctly, make changes in the order listed.

Type, traits, abilities, etc.[edit]


Type is changed to outsider. The "celestial", "aiar", "least aiar", "augmented fey", and "incorporeal" subtypes are added.

Outsider traits[edit]

Fey'iar have all the features and traits listed on the 'SRD:Outsider Type' and 'SRD:Celestial Creature' pages except for the following:

Hit points, hit dice, skills, fortitude, reflex, and will saves are unchanged from the base creature. Fey'iar do not breathe, eat, or sleep, though they can mimic almost any physical action or bodily function. Like all least aiar, fey'iar cannot use weapons, and cannot smite evil.

When slain, the incorporeal bodies of fey'iar disintegrate, vanishing completely before the end of the next round, releasing the soul onto whatever plane, world, etc. it happens to be on. Its soul suffers the same fate as a mortal's would, but there is no body left for resurrection. A new body must be provided for the soul to be returned to life. If there are skyfish nearby, it is virtually certain that one will notice the death, convert the soul into a glow, and attempt to return it to the Isles of the Dead. If the fey'iar is within one of the lower layers of Fortress Celestia in an area where there are plenty of other fey'iar nearby, it becomes a whisp after 6 - 24 hours.

Incorpeal traits[edit]

Fey'iar have all the features and traits listed on the 'SRD:Incorporeality' page except for the following:

Any armor class bonuses or penalties due to natural armor or worn armor from the base creature are lost.

Fey'iar can exert a slight pressure using a magical force field around their bodies. The field causes them to register as having a slight weight, making it possible to set of traps, fall into pits, move very lightweight objects such as a dry leaf, and wear exceptionally light articles of clothing, like a nightgown made of spider silk. However they would only set off a trap, fall in a pit, etc. if being deliberately careless, or if they do it on purpose, and can only set off traps that can be set off with very little pressure. Fey'iar do not like to wear clothing or carry non - incorpeal equipment, however, as it prevents them from passing through solid objects.

Other Traits:[edit]


If strength is above 4, reroll as 1d4.


All fey'iar have a chaotic good inherent alignment. A fey'iar's actual alignment is unchanged from the base creature, and they change alignment as the base creature would.


Fey'iar do not reproduce. They increase their numbers by promotion only.


Fey'iar are physically incapable of aging, even due to magical effects. They choose their apparent age at promotion and stay that way for life.

Challenge Rating[edit]


Level Adjustment[edit]



Fey'iar have no treasure. They dislike having to deal with physical possessions of any kind.

Special Qualities[edit]

In addition to any characteristics above, all fey'iar gain the following:

Least aiar movement (Su)[edit]

Fey'iar move as if using a strange form of the fly spell enabling them to appear to manipulate gravity and air pressure using only their imagination, walking up imaginary stairs, falling sideways or upward, drifting as if blown by a nonexistent wind, flying ore swimming through solid rock, etc., up to the maximum speed of the base creature.

Illusionary clothes (Sp)[edit]

Fey'iar can project an illusion about themselves to give the appearance of clothing. The clothes can be of any appearance that suit's the fey'iar's imagination. 'Changing clothes', or turning the illusion on or off can be done at any time, and takes one round. They can use this ability to disguise their appearance but they are limited to disguising themselves as creatures or objects of similar size and shape, and close examination will quickly reveal that deception is going on. While not all fey'iar bother to use this ability, all are capable of it.

Distraction (Sp)[edit]

This effect can be 'turned on' at any time by a fey'iar as a free action. Any living or intelligent undead creature, other than another least aiar, within 10 feet of it while using this ability must make a fortitude save or be nauseated for 1 round. The save DC is constitution-based. Once it makes a check, the creature must continue making the check every round until there are no least aiar within 10 feet of it. The base DC is 0 + the number of least aiar within 10 feet, to a maximum of 20, + 5 if acting aggressively, and -20 if the creature takes no actions that round.

Summon Aiar (Sp)[edit]

A fey'iar can cast 'summon aiar' once an hour with a 40% chance of success. Roll 1d6: 1-2: 1d4 fey'iar; 3-4: a patrol of skyfish; 5: a hand of whisps; 6: 1d4 furs.

A band of fey'iar casting 'summon aiar' simultaneously has a 60% chance of success. Roll 1d6: 1-2: 1d3 bands of fey'iar; 3-4: a swarm of skyfish; 5: a swarm of whisps; 6: a pack of furs.

A tribe of fey'iar casting 'summon aiar' simultaneously has an 80% chance of success. Roll 1d6: 1-2: 1d3 tribes of fey'iar; 3-4: 1d3 swarms of skyfish; 5: 1d6 swarms of whisps; 6: an anik.

Heal Plant (Sp)[edit]

Once per hour, a fey'iar can cast 'heal plant' by touching a plant.

This spell has no affect whatsoever unless cast on a normal or planar plant (not a plant creature) that still has a trace of life in it. If the plant has more than one health issue, the spell selects to act against curses first, then enchantments, then diseases, and normal injuries last, acting against the most recent curse if there is more than one. When used against a curse or enchantment, a dispel check must be made as per a dispel magic spell cast against a normal enchantment by a caster of a level equal to the number of fey'iar casting the spell on the same plant in the same round; for a disease, the fey'iar leader must make a will check against the disease's DC rating, minus the number of simultaneous casters. If the check succeeds, the curse or enchantment is removed from the plant touched, but effects that have already occurred remain, so a plant whose growth was reduced is not restored to normal size, but future growth will be normal. If the plant is neither cursed, enchanted, or diseased, the spell acts as a sprout spell. As a sprout spell, it can be used successfully on a seed that would not otherwise germinate as long as it is not completely dead.


Like all least aiar, fey'iar disdain combat and aren't very good at it. However, they tend to be cunning, and are good at confusing, disorienting, and distracting foes. If cornered they will attempt to work together to overwhelm an opponent, then suddenly dart past, passing through solid objects to cover their escape. They can sense aggression and evil, and normally avoid them, but will defend their home forests, fields of of wildflowers, good - aligned creatures under attack, and even formal gardens and non - good creatures acting in self - defence. Once engaged, they are surprisingly ruthless and will use every trick they can think of to foil their opponents and get those under their charge to safety.

Fey'iar as a Race[edit]


Fey'iar tend to be gentle, shy creatures who very rarely speak or openly approach non - wilderness areas, groups of, etc. To them, everything is play, reverence, or danger, and they love to play jokes on each other and other creatures, especially humanoids, by mimicking their actions, sneaking up on them, confusing them by showing off their least aiar movement ability, etc. They will openly approach smaller groups if they do not feel threatened by them, if they feel reverence, or if they feel the creature has 'earned their help'. Thus they will show themselves to honor a solar, megam, or other powerful being of good. They might also help children or a small party of first responders moving wounded, although there is little they can do besides act as guides or delay pursuers. A creature who shows appreciation for their levity gains a +2 bonus on diplomacy checks with any fey'iar involved in the encounter.

Society and Religion[edit]

Fey'iar society is essentially tribal. Fey'iar travel in groups as per the base creature, mixed bands of 6-11, or tribes of 20-200, but there will typically be several such groups in a large forest that make up a clan led by a fairy king or queen. Exactly how fey'iar choose their leaders is something only they fully understand, but they tend to respect experience, kindness, and good chirades players. It also isn't clear what power the leaders actually have, as fey'iar culture has few rules. Fey'iar aren't particularly religious, but they a very a spiritual people, having a deep reverence for beings of great good, life, the continuity of souls, and the aiar way of life.

Language and names[edit]

All fey'iar can understand celestial and any languages understood by the base creature, as well as their own language. Fey'iar can speak any language the base creature can, but they almost never do. Instead they use the fey'iar language. The fey'iar language is a very expressive sign language that is kind of like playing a combination of charades and pictionary and makes use of the illusionary clothing and least aiar movement abilities. For example, their 'word' for "upstairs" is to pretend to walk up a staircase. Fey'iar indicate identity though their sign language. Actual names are of little use to them. If others bother to name them, they are happy to play along.


Fey'iar tend to live in the forests and extensive formal gardens found on the Isles of the Dead and the surrounding islands of the Silvery Sea. They are very important to the local ecology, as they make sure there are plenty of healthy plants to nourish whisps and comfort bereaved and guilt - ridden ghostlies. They can also be found amongst the camp followers of some celestial armies, usually along with whisps and skyfish. The fey'iar and whisps cover for the skyfish as they go about their grim duties and fey'iar can provide whisps with plant life to nourish them if need be.


Fey'iar consider themselves to be both celestials AND fey, and try to get along with other celestial races, and all the races they consider seelie, including the light elven races and halflings. They get along especially well with skyfish, whisps, and lantern archons. While their instinct is to try to get along with almost everybody, they often have difficulty understanding those who love nonliving things such as or, those who seem to them to love violence, such as and, or those who find being pranked more annoying than fun. They tend to avoid anyone they don't understand.


It is a very rare fey'iar who joins an adventuring party for more than a few hours.


Fey'iar gain character classes as their base creature, but it is not common. In addition to any favored classes the base creature may have, fey'iar also have druid and illusionist as favored classes.

After healing thousands of plants, a fey'iar can choose to become a fur.

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