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Oh, I wouldn't go there if I were you... 'Course, I wouldn't go there, either. Or there, really. Actually, you should probably just stay here.
—Eiliam, roane captain of The Storm Rider, advising passengers.

Far-Away Realms[edit]

Beyond the Mountains of the Sun to the west, Beyond the Mirrored Sea to the south, Beyond the Horizon Sea to the east, Beyond the dark realm of Nial, and even further northward than the icy land of Valkar, lie strange and unexplored lands. Here are but a few...

Western Silver Lands[edit]

Min-Taurus is a land beyond the Mountains of the Sun, beyond the fiery realm of Salahandrae. It is the home of the brutal minotaurs, whose empire arose a mere century ago. The minotaurs rule over their cousins, the centaurs (who dwell in Kentaura, their ancestral home), the satyrs (who have spread over the whole of Min-Taurus) and even nominally over the harpy race. The minotaurs are always looking to expand their realm, and if they someday could find a way around to Rytha and Bas'Mera, a war unlike any other would take place.


Southern Silver Lands[edit]

Leanae (The Caetai Tribes) is the name given by the valkaries to the land of the fierce caetai and the majestic sphinxes. It is a hot, desert and grassland realm south of the mirrored sea, and visited by none save the valkaries. The caetai owe allegiance to none but the sphinxes and others of their same tribe, they are nomads who wander the plains looking for prey to hunt. Leanae is home to many strange and fantastic beasts, and ancient, ruined temples from the Golden Realms (the time of the relics). The caetai tribes are fierce warriors and cunning hunters, and sometimes return to the northern world aboard valkarie and roane ships.

Fornaedra is a realm were magic still holds sway as a force to be reckoned with. The crysaeli and duergar, the two races that inhabit Fornaedra, are both powerful spell-casting races, and also both share a hatred for each other as well as a home. The korrigan, a separate race, are the only force in the world that could keep the crysaeli and duergar from killing each other. The Fornaedrans are well aware of the rest of the world, but have withdrawn from it, although they still allow valkarie and roane ships to dock in their ports, and also allow any Fornaedran citizen to leave aboard those ships. They have been mostly forgotten by the world, left to practice their art in peace.

Eastern Silver Lands[edit]

Tamara is the ancient realm of the fallen, a race of disgraced angels who, eons ago, failed in their duty to stop the rising tides of undead. In the distant past of the Golden Lands, the seraphs lost the war against the undead, and, in the process, lost their power of flight. Now, the fallen devote themselves to protecting their dark and warlike realm from the cruel advances of the undead. This, in turn, helps protect the rest of the Silver Lands, as the undead are so distracted with trying to take Tamara that they have little time to spend attempting to invade the rest of the world.

Gavrial is cold, dismal land in the north-eastern world, a place that has kept the old ways of directly after the fall of the Golden Lands. The inhabitants of Gavrial, the large, barbaric ettins and the small but equally ferocious uldras, still use skin tents to keep out the elements, and are nomadic hunter-gatherers for the most part. They have little contact with the rest of the world, only encountering the rare valkarie ship that beaches on their shores.

The Rim of the World

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