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Faerie Elf

Physical Description

A vague comparison between the Chaotic and Tranquil Factions

Faerie elves are roughly the same height as gnomes but weigh roughly 25 to 60 lbs. Faeries tend to have more vibrant eye colors of shimmering greens, blues, and reds. They have a pair of transparent wings that allow them to fly. Other than that they look like most wood elves.


Although not many people have seen these crossbreeds, the faerie elf is a mixture of a elf and a fey. They tend to keep their societies and culture hidden from public view. Faerie elves are known to have many conflicts within their society, from what little has been observed. They tend to have very different views of other races and cultures. There are two primary groups, or "Factions", the faeries tend to choose from, and both come with their own set of special traits and physical appearances. There is the Chaotic faction of faerie elves. Their views of other races tend to be more negative and the Faeries of this faction tend to be more violent-minded. These faeries are more focused on their brute strength rather than magic. The second group is known as the Tranquil faction. They tend to view other races equally to their own and are more keen on having open relationships with others. The Tranquil faction tends to focus more on nature magic, similar to a druid.


Faerie elves tend to keep to themselves and tend to hide from other outside sources, mainly due to the harsh discrimination and prejudice their ancestors have experienced. They are buried deep within forests and caves and have a strong sense of family. They tend to have a hard time developing new relations with others, especially if they're neither fey, elf, or faerie. The ones who do leave the villages tend to be brave adventurers determined to prove the old ways are over.

Faerie Elf Names

Faerie Elves tend to take their name after elf or fey names. It's recorded that some Faerie's names are of exotic plants.

Faerie Elf Traits

Good and Bad Fairies, the playable race.
Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score increases by 1.
Age. Like the rest of their elven brother's faerie elves typically claims adulthood and an adult name around the age of 100 and can live to be 750 years old.
Alignment. The alignment of those of the Tranquil Faction range from lawful good to lawful neutral and those of the Chaotic faction from chaotic neutral to chaotic evil. No faerie elf is ever true neutral.
Size. Unlike most elves Faerie elves range from 3 to over 4 foot tall but have slender builds and weigh very little. Your size is Small.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 20 feet and your flying speed is 30 feet.
Darkvision. Accustomed to twilit forests and the night sky, you have superior vision in dark and dim conditions. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of grey.
Fey Ancestry. You have advantage on saving throws against being charmed, and magic can't put you to sleep.
Fairy Wings. You have a pair of light, transparent wings that grant you a fly speed of 30-feet allowing you a certain degree of flight. However, these wings can only fly up to a height of 30 feet, any higher and they fail until you are 30 feet above the ground again. You lose your flying speed until you complete a short or long rest if they are directly exposed to water.
Languages. Faerie elves can speak, read and write Common, Elvish, and Sylvan.
Subrace. The subraces of the Faerie Elves are determined by the faction they were born into.

Tranquil Faction

Ability Score Increase. Your Wisdom score increases by 2.
Fairy Light. As a bonus action, you can emit a field of light around you shedding bright light in a 10-foot-radius and dim light in an addition 10-foot-radius. This light lasts for 1 minute before dissipating. You must complete a short or long rest before you can use it again.
Tranquil Magic. The typical tranquil faerie focuses more on their mind rather than their strength. You know one cantrip of your choice from the cleric spell list. Wisdom is your spellcasting ability for it.

Chaotic Faction

Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity score increases by 2.
Fairy Darkness. As a bonus action, you can emit a field of darkness around you, heavily obscuring the area in a 10-foot-radius and lightly obscuring the area for an addition 10-foot-radius. This darkness lasts for 1 minute before dissipating. You must complete a short or long rest before you can use it again.
Chaotic Blades. You have proficiency with the longsword, shortsword, shortbow, and longbow.

Random Height and Weight

3′ 0'' +3d4 15 lb. × (2d2) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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