Explosive Trail Gun (5e Equipment)

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Explosive trail gun

Martial Ranged Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Explosive trail gun 400 gp 1d6 Piercing and 1d4 Fire 5 lb. Ammunition (Range 25/75), Loading, Special

This would be a normal gun if it wasn't for the fact that its bullets leave a trail of explosions. This gun has a unique compartment for the powder, it doesn't use the powder inside the casing of a bullet, because the ammunition of this gun is also special. The bullets for this gun must have an oppening at the primer and the primer must be isolated from the powder. The whole casing is the bullet.

When the trigger is pulled, the hammer hits the powder inside the powder compartment, impulsing the bullet and heating up the primer. While the bullet is being impulsed though the air, it leaks continously the powder inside it through the primer, which gets heated up and releases more explosions. However, because the direction of the bullet midair can't be controled due to the new explosions, its range is reduced.

The size of the explosions must be determined by the DM, but every creature that gets in the bullet's trail receives a 1d4 of Fire damage. If a creature is hit by the bullet, it receives a 1d6 of Piercing damage and 1d4 of Fire damage.

If the creature hit by the bullet is a group of creatures, then 1/x of the creatures in the group is affected by the explosions. Being x=1 if the group is small sized or tiny, and greater for every size bigger than small. (example: 1/4 for a huge sized group)

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