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Expanded Fusion Abilities [Racial]

Fusion Ability list becomes expanded
Prerequisite: Gem,Improved Fusion Feat
Benefit: Fusions may now choose from this expanded list when forming


War caster: Cast a spell and do full attacks as a full round action.

Extended Fusion: A fusion can last for 24 hours longer than normal before requiring a will save. SPECIAL: Opals with Improved Flawless Gem may extend this to one week before requiring a save.

Resilient: Gain +1 to all saves. This may be taken multiple times.

Arcane Adjustment: Arcane Spell Failure is ignored while fused.

Swift Fusion: A fusion may deform as a swift action and reform as an immediate action within 1 round. Both creatures may act immediately but must have a swift or standard action left to reform and they must be within 5 feet of each other. The fusion does not pick new abilities when fusing.

Speak to The Heart: Even if a creature doesn't know the fusion's languages, they have a chance to understand the meaning of the words through a diplomacy check. The message must be something personal to the creature and has a chance of effecting it, treating the creature as one step lower for it's attitude. Just like diplomacy checks this can only effect creatures' attitudes once every 24 hours.

Amalgamation: The limit for how many can be in this fusion is now 10. This is as Monstrous ability except the limit is changed. Gem level required: 10.

Resistance: Gain 10 Resistance to 1 damage type. This may be taken multiple times with a new damage type chosen each time.

Natural Armor: Gain natural armor equal to half the gem's level, this may be taken multiple times. But cost 1 more each time it is taken

Flight: Gain a flight speed equal to land speed, with good maneuverability. If one or both creatures have a flight speed they instead double the fly speed, unless increase by land speed would be faster, and increase maneuverability by 2.

Burrow: Gain a burrow speed equal to 1/2 land speed. If one or both creatures can Burrow they double the burrow speed instead, unless 1/2 land speed would be faster.

Unequal distribution: When deforming normally hp that is left is distributed equally between the creatures. If a fusion has this ability, if the creatures agree on an amount they may distribute it in any way that leaves them at at least 1 hp each.

Advanced Equipment: Instead of deciding between pieces of equipment when fusing, you may choose stats of equiped equipment and apply them to the fusion. (Example. A gem is carrying a bow, while the other creature is carrying a Fauchard. They may take the bow's range, but the Fauchard's threat range and damage. For armor you may choose the armor bonus, ACP, and max dex, but movement speed is always the lowest of the two.) Cost 3 Points.

Stronger than You: When a fusion would be defused due to damage, leaving them at 1 hp, they may instead choose to take a level of exhaustion and leave both creatures at 50% hp. This exhaustion effects creatures that would normally be immune.

Music?: Music begins to play for as long as the fusion is formed. This music normally matches the personality of the fusion. The fusion gains + the creature's levels in perform: singing and dancing. The music can clearly be heard in a range of 120 feet through all non-magical barriers. Silence does temporarily mute this effect.

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