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Angelica Winterbright is an elven Ninja.

Her Clan lies hidden to the East of the Dwarven Holds, nestled a week into the mountains.

Her Clan has been divided in two since the mysterious deaths of her parents, both of her brother attempt to rest control away from the other.

At the center of her home city, Taijitu, is the Sunless Citadel. A spot where the light of the sun never touches the ground. Ancients built an observatory in the spot to discover why the sun never shone there and discovered using magical technologies and artifacts that a dragonshard of enormous size floated directly above the spot, seemingly held there. They used a gem of sight to discover that the Siberys Shard was held by mystic tethers, and that these lines of force would eventually give way and the Shard would crash to the planet. Sometime before the new millenia. The commisioned House Cannith to craft 4 perfect Ninja Warforged to guard the Citadel until the chosen one came and discovered their secrets. In the early months of 999YK Tarlyn the elven assassin found the Shard and discovered the coming cataclysm.

The White "Yang"[edit]

  • Lord Mangetsu Akaruifuyu "Moonlight Winterbright"
  • Personal Clan of Ninja called the Kita Mizu "Northern Waters"
  • City Temple -

The Dark "Yin"[edit]

  • Lord Asahi Akaruifuyu "Morning Sun Winterbright"
  • Personal Clan of Ninja called the Minami Kaji "Southern Flame"
  • City Temple -

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