The Elven Assassin (Eberron Nights Supplement)

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Tarlyn "The Elven Assassin"

Original Game World - Earthdawn


  • Kasha (A monk currently in Flamekeep)
  • Theira (A paladin currently in Flamekeep)
  • Tinker (A goblin artificing engineer currently in Flamekeep)


  • Libberander Throughway (Male Dwarf/Fighter-Artificer) <Rescued from Underground Arena>
  • Girddrez (Female Half-Orc/Barbarian-Duelist) <Rescued from Underground Arena>
  • The Man from Thrane (Male Human/Fighter) <Rescued from Underground Arena>
  • The Warforged (Male Aspect Warforged/Paladin #?) <Rescued from Underground Arena>
  • The Young Woman (Female Human/Unknown) <Rescued from Underground Arena>

  • Four Ninja Warforged (Male Aspected Black Warforged/Ninja) <The Sunless Citadel>

The Expedition of the Lost Soul in Frostfell[edit]

Captain Jack Harrowgaite (Human)

  • 1st Lieutenant Rigilus O'Dannius
  • 2nd Lieutenant Summers
  • Elemental Driver d'Orien

Master Rogue Danyika (Female Human)

  • Apprentice Rogue Mer'cedes

Paladin (Male) His left arm was missing a few inches from the shoulder, the stump glinting slightly in the light, it seemed to be capped with gold, the surface smooth, until it reached the flesh which has runic tattoos heading away and towards the shoulder. The plate of his armor draped a small amount of chain-mail over the whole of it.

  • Priest (Female) Kara d'Jorasco (Greater Dragonmark)
  • Priest (Male) Nikolas d'Jorasco (Lesser Dragonmark)
  • Priest (Male) Carter

Master Artificer Oliver d'Cannith

  • Artificer Conner
  • Artificer Shado

Lead Scholar Alfredo (Human)

  • Scholar male
  • Scholar male
  • Scholar female
  • Scholar female
  • Scholar dwarf

Arch Mage Marchious (Human)

  • Apprentice Mage Valenous (Elf)

The Band of Eight Blades (A group of adventurers from the Wayfinder Foundation)

  • Bianca ir'Dayne (Female Human) - Class <Rogue/Xtreme Explorer>
  • Rolund (Male Dwarf) - Class <Warrior/Sorcerer>
  • Danius (Male Dwarf) - Class <Cleric/Warrior>
  • Nar'ru (Female Valenar Elf) - Class <Monk>
  • Chain (Male Aspected Warforged) - Class <Warrior/Gladiator>
  • Hunter (Male Aspected Warforged) - Class <Bard>
  • Swift (Female Aspected Warforged) - Class <Ranger>
  • Julius (Male Human) (The Man from Thrane) - Also one of Tarlyns followers, he helped him escape the arena.

Jun' Psionic (Kalashter Male)

Chronicler - Vic Sage

  • 2 assistants, one a House Sivis member

Plus around 2 dozen misc. crew. Each of the sled teams has a two man crew, one a member of House Vandalis, the other a trained Ranger for the environment, they will be leading across the terrain. Theres a three man team of artificers that keep the ship up and running. The lead man is somehow connected to Macon d'Cannith.

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