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The euphonium is a brass musical instrument. It is a baritone-voice with a soft, gentle tone compared to other brass instruments of similar size. While not a familiar instrument to many by any means, its velvety, warm sound allows it to work excellently both as a solo or accompaniment.

The euphonium comes in two different models - "student" and "compensating." Student models have four top-action piston valves that are played with the right hand, whereas Compensating models have three top-action piston valves and a fourth valve located midway down the instrument, played with the left index finger. The only difference between the two is that Compensating models have superior lower range, as Student models suffer intonation issues below E♭2 and cannot produce B1. Compensating horns are significantly more expensive, however.

Races fond of musical horns and affinity for music, such as the Spynkazaka, typically employ euphonium in compositions and enjoy decent status as cultural heritage.

Cost: 50-75 gp
Weight: 30 lb

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