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Alignment. Lawful Neutral
Domains. Sun, Moon
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Ethraee, the Solar god, controls the cycles of the Moon and Sun. This puts him at the forefront of the magical community, as he can create ideal conditions for spells relying on the Sun and Moon. He also can tap into the power of these solar bodies to create his own arcanes.

As with most gods of Sarrin, Ethraee resides in Otherworld. He comes down to assist his disciples when needed, but primarily stays above.

Ethraee appears as a humanoid, with one arm of gold and one arm of silver. His skin is jet black, with bright white eyes and hair. He wears ethereal armor, covering his legs, feet, and torso. He wields a silver sickle and a gold short sword.

Ethraee tends to stay with the other gods of natural order, interacting with the gods of human nature only when needed.

A large following of mages, paladins, and clerics follow Ethraee, granting him one of the largest congregations in the pantheon. However only his few disciples have tapped into his array of solar spells.

Sun and Moon: Ethraee's short sword and sickle respectively control the powers of the Sun and Moon. However they only work when wielded by a singular user.

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