Esh'omim, the Dawnring (5e Equipment)

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Ring, Legendary (Major) (Requires Attunement by a Cleric, Druid, Ranger, or Paladin of Good alignment)

Esh'omim is a silver ring with a crystal on it that resembles the sun at sunrise.


Esh'omim has 15 charges. She regains 1d10 charges at dawn. While attuned to Esh'omim, you can cast the following spells: Sunbeam (5 charges), Sunburst (7 charges), Daylight (3 charges), Fireball (4 charges), Cure Wounds (2 Charges), Heal (6 Charges) and Light (1 charge)

Dawn Radiance

You have immunity to Radiant damage and resistance to Necrotic damage.

Light of Redemption

Whenever you grant hit points with a spell, you can spend 3 charges to double the number of hit points restored.
Sentience. Esh'omim is a sentient Neutral Good ring with a Charisma of 16, a Intelligence of 12, and a Wisdom of 18.
Personality. Esh'omim wishes to bring light throughout the multiverse. As such, she hates undead, demons, devils, and other creatures of the darkness. If the attuned character voluntarily aids one of these creatures, conflict occurs at the next dawn.

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