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Energy Vortex
6th-level Truespeak
Casting time: 1 action
Range: See description
Components: V
Duration: 5 rounds

You stir up the elemental chaos within the Universe and unleash it on a single point causing a chaotic vortex of energy or you remove the normal elemental energies from an area, denying its very existence.

This utterance costs twice the normal Reality Points. You speak an Utterance that creates a spiraling vortex with a 40 foot radius centered on a point within your sight. Any creature caught in the vortex is moved 10 feet closer to the center of the vortex at the start of each of their turns. While caught in the vortex their movement speed is halved, ranged attacks will not hit them, magic attacks with that deal acid, cold, fire or lightning damage will not harm them. While caught in the vortex a creature will take 8d6 acid damage, 8d6 cold damage, 8d6 fire damage, and 8d6 lightning damage. If a creature remains within 5 begins or ends its turn within 5 feet of the center for all 5 turns, they must make a DC 25 CON save or die.

When spoken in reverse you create a 40 radius zone that ends all acid, cold, fire, or lightning effects and grants immunity to damage from these effects to anyone within the zone.

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