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Ring, Legendary (Requires attunement)

Energy Conduit Rings are rare relics which use portals in the astral plane to move energy in the material plane. There are 5 different rings, all which work in a similar way. In the astral plane, a great wizard cast a powerful enchantment to link them to spherical rocks. Each rock corresponds to a certain ring. He was able to send the rings and rocks back to the material plane, but it drained his energy and he forgot all of his magical knowledge, trapping him in the astral plane. The rings are called as follows: The Ignis Ring (fire), The Frigus Ring (Ice), The Solis Ring (Sunlight), The Fulgur Ring (Electricity), and The Tenebris Ring (Darkness). Attunement is simple, one must be well acquainted with the energy source of the ring and must have at least some experience in magic

Power Link: Each ring is able to channel the energy collected by the rock connected to it. If the ring holder is experienced, s/he will be able to harness this energy as a weapon, a tool, etc. However, it will be useless unless the rock is in the designated location inscribed on it. For example, the rock linked to the ring of fire must be placed into an active volcano, where it will constantly absorb energy which will be stored in the astral plane. When the ring holder decides, a portion of that energy will be spent to activate the ring. A holder of the Solis Ring may use it to blind an enemy before making a quick escape, or to provide sunlight to an underground garden. The wearer decides how much energy is spent every time it it used. It may have almost boundless energy or very limited energy based on the location of the rock. The ring of fire deals fire damage, the ring of ice, cold damage, the ring of sunlight, radiant damage, the ring of lightning, lightning damage, and the ring of darkness deals necrotic damage. It is up to the DM to decide the specifics of the rings to fit your party level and setting. For example, if the DM thinks repetitive use of the ring would be unbalanced, s/he could make a rule designating a number of uses per day.

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