Elemental Maelstrom (5e Spell)

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Elemental Maelstrom
5th-level Evocation
Casting time: 1 Action
Range: 160 feet
Components: V, S, M (a tiny glass sphere, sulfur, powdered amber, and an adder’s stomach)
Duration: Instantaneous

Unleash an elemental blast, dealing moderate damage in four different types. You hurl a sphere of crackling elemental energy that blossoms into a storm of energy at a point within range. Each creature in a 20-foot sphere centered on the point you choose takes 2d6 acid, cold, fire, and lightning damage (2d6 of each). On a successful Dexterity save, a targeted creature takes only half damage. (Each creature makes only one Dexterity save, not one separate save per damage type.)

At Higher Levels. When cast with a spell slot of level 6 or higher, two damage types increase by 1d6 per spell level above 5, but the increase must be even. For example, at 6th level, two damage types will do 2d6 damage and two will do 3d6. At 7th level, all four will do 3d6 damage. At 8th, two will 3d6 and two will do 4d6. At 9th, all four will do 4d6 damage. When not all damage types do the same damage, the caster chooses which types do which damage.

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